Queen Upset over Scottish Independence

Reading about how the Scottish Independence referendum is panicking the Queen and other UK politicians is quite pleasurable.  According to the Mirror,

The Queen is said to be privately horrified at the prospect of Scotland voting for independence from the UK.

It is believed the referendum – which could make the monarch the last Queen of Scotland – dominated her discussions with Prime Minister David Cameron on his annual visit to Balmoral at the weekend.

The growing panic over the break-up of the UK was fuelled by a YouGov poll which put the nationalist Yes campaign ahead by 51% to 49%.

Buckingham Palace aides said the Queen had asked for daily updates on the state of the campaigns.

A source said yesterday: “The Queen is a unionist, there is now a great deal of concern.

“If there is a Yes vote that puts us into uncharted territory constitutionally . Nothing is certain and her being Queen of Scotland is not a given.”

YouGov found the nationalists had clawed back a 22-point lead held by the Better Together campaign at the start of August.

Nationalist leader Alex Salmond’s private polling reportedly put his campaign ahead 54% to 46%.

While I haven’t learned yet if UKIP has an official position on the Scottish referendum, and if they are for or against it, it seems that the popularity of independence among the Scots is quite consistent with the popularity of UKIP in the United Kingdom, with their opposition to membership in the European Union.

scot independence

I’m not sure why the Scots are wanting their freedom from the UK right now, but the fact that they do certainly points to the future dissolution of much younger and more tenuous unions, such as we have in the European Union.

And remember, Barack Obama is against Scottish independence! So it is hard to believe it would be all bad!