Raccoons and American Tyranny

A grocery store “must” stop selling raccoons until the authorities can find proof that it is legal to do so.

This is unbelievable.

First of all, even though we are having a fight about amnesty and the Southern border at the moment, we all know that there have been lots of legal immigrants throughout our history, including immigrants from Asia. So why expect them to be immediately ready to eat fried chicken or French fries? Why wouldn’t they want access to a traditional delicacy? And why wouldn’t a grocery store try to cater to that demand?

raccoons for sale

Think about it: it is taken as a given that we must not make sexual practices illegal because then we are oppressing homosexuals. But if someone wants to eat a raccoon suddenly the knives come out and “freedom-loving” Americans loudly demand, “This must stop!”

Second, notice that, though the L.A. health department took a hand in the attack on the grocery store, they weren’t the prime movers. I love to attribute growing tyranny to professional tax-feeders, but that is often not the case. American tyranny is truly home-grown. Neighbor imposes it on neighbor.

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Third, it is amazing that the store was forced to stop selling raccoon, despite a long-standing practice of doing so. Yet there is no known law against it. According to the report, the health department officials don’t know whether it is legal to sell and eat raccoon. Well, if there is no known law against it, why isn’t the store permitted to continue selling the animal until someone finds proof that there is a law that forbids it? Why do they have to stop selling raccoon until someone can be sure that there is not a law that forbids such selling and dining?

Fourth, this entire incident was based on class inequality. According to the local Fox 5 account, “Hollywood Alist suggested people wanting raccoon meat to go to Exotic Meat Market, but warned it would be a “little pricier than $9.99 a pound.” So why isn’t that store shut down? Why do they get to continue operating and charging more while their competitor is prohibited from selling the item?

We can be upset with Federal and State governments, but it looks like the source of our problems is in our own hearts. We judge our neighbors and try to control them.

Then we wonder how our country turned into a police state.