Is Race Politics Corrupting Justice?

Eric Holder takes race politics to a new low when he refuses to allow the death penalty for a black-on-white murder.

Embrace Diversity People

Some of us really don’t care about the color of skin involved. A human is a human is a human, no matter the age, the color, or the position in the community. That said, this is a terrible time for those who believe in “blind” justice, and fair-dealing and truth in all things.

Here’s an example from Allen West who compares the story to what is going on in Ferguson: “Blatant racial hypocrisy: Death penalty off the table for black attackers charged in murder of white officer.”

As reported by Fox News “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has taken the death penalty off the table for four people charged in the gang-related slaying of a reserve Virginia police officer. Federal prosecutors said Friday that the four co-defendants will instead face the possibility of life in prison for their alleged role in the killing of Capt. Kevin Quick.”

“The 45-year-old Quick of Waynesboro was reported missing Feb. 1. His body was found several days later in Goochland County west of Richmond. The Daily Progress reports that authorities say the three siblings and another man charged all belong to the Bloods gang set 99 Goon Syndikate. The four charged in May are Daniel Lamont Mathis, Shantai Monique Shelton, Mersadies Lachalle Shelton and Travis Leon Bell, also known as Kweli Uhuru.”

Yes, the Virginia reserve officer is white and the four assailants are black. I guess you haven’t heard about this story — hmm, wonder why? Could it there’s a double standard in America? Is it acceptable to gun down our law enforcement officers? Perhaps the family of Capt. Quick should go to the U.N. Committee on Torture and state their case.

And who is the “white” version of Al Sharpton to go out and rabble rouse the populace and incite them to riot? Will Attorney General Eric Holder visit with Capt. Quick’s family and how many White House officials attended the funeral of Capt. Quick?


Why did Eric Holder interject himself in such a manner in the Virginia case?

Why in the world have the President and Attorney General behaved as they have in Ferguson, and this Virginia case? It simply goes against all sense of fairness and propriety.

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Barack Obama should be warning people in no uncertain terms that violence in the wake of the announcement in Ferguson is not acceptable. He should vocally support the decision of the Grand Jury, no matter what. Instead, he’s reportedly met with the ringleaders of the mindless minions getting ready to throw a tantrum, and telling them to “stay the course.”

I would love nothing more than for the protesters in Ferguson to prove our fears wrong, and to demonstrate without violence to people or property. Give us something to shove in the true racists’ faces, rather than helping justify their odious pronouncements about people based simply on the color of skin. I’m praying for peace.

How much would you bet that Mr. Obama has scheduled his unconstitutional actions on immigration to be announced the same day as the Grand Jury statement from Ferguson?

If I were the Governor of Missouri—even now—I would make absolutely sure the announcement is delayed until after the President’s Las Vegas circus performance.