Racial Exploitation in Zimmerman Trial Will Hurt Future Justice for Blacks

According to famed, leftist attorney, Alan Dershowitz, the Zimmerman trial should never have taken place. We are led to believe that the entire black population and the right-thinking white community, sensitive to “the struggle,” are on board. Everyone with a soapbox is invested in ginning up a manufactured sense of racial discrimination.

There is racial discrimination evident, but it is George Zimmerman and, by extension, the rest of America that is being victimized.

The response to Zimmerman’s unanimous acquittal is, unfortunately, predictable. Beyonce called for a minute of silence during her concert on Saturday. New York Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz, Tweeted a threat: “Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him.” Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade Tweeted that he was “stunned” by the verdict and “saddened as a father.” He added “How do I explain this to my young boys????” Recognition that the black community is constantly being played might help him.

Racism has become a business. The presumption of racism has been carefully cultivated. Marinated in victimization, the aggrieved are further egged-on by celebutards and the media. Christina Silva, a hack for the Associated Press, Tweeted, “So it’s okay to kill teenagers now? Just checking.”

Dismayed, the Associated Press attempted to cut bait. Silva, the AP claimed, was just a part-timer and “hadn’t worked for (them) lately.” Not quite. Silva’s latest AP byline had appeared on July 5th.

Media demands for ever-more discussion of race have already begun. What they are not demanding is an honest discussion of race. Threats, accusations of racial discrimination and assertions that the “system” has let down the black community are endemic; how the mutation of fact into a pervasive sense of affliction endures, is the subject that should be addressed. It won’t be. Political correctness, at work for decades, has resulted in a death-grip on entitlement, indisputable and unassailable. The result is a perversion of the law, creating a profound rift in society.

Florida State has a Stand-Your-Ground law on the books that applies to everyone. Like it or not, that is the law. Martin was not the “child” pictured in old photographs the media and race baiters peddled to drum up compassion. Sanford police reported Martin’s height at 6 feet and his weight at over 160 pounds.

The prosecution presented abusive witnesses that gave false testimony. Instead of generating perjury charges, the public was practically commanded to sympathize with them. The black community, long indoctrinated in a policy of “If I say it, it must be true,” is not expected to regard the law as something that pertains to them. Political correctness sanctions accusations and behaviors that, from the majority of Americans, would be considered racist; unacceptable and illegal.

This regime has conferred a fresh stamp of legitimacy upon the concept of black victimization. In the wake of an unfavorable verdict, the NAACP has insisted that Eric Holder pursue a “civil rights” case against Zimmerman. Black on black crime, as is constantly on display in Chicago, is considered too racist to mention. Black rioting in California because of the Zimmerman verdict, however, is tolerable. The double-standard is the norm.

In the end, the people hurt by the charge of black victimization will be blacks. When true racial injustice happens, more people will be suspicious of the charges, believing they’re being played again.