The Racial Grievance Industry Is Trying to Create Racism

Here is yet another instance of the state pretending racism is to blame for individual behaviors. This ridiculous report singles out race as if it alone is the deciding factor. They do it because they hope to manufacture charges of widespread racism. Heather MacDonald writes for National Review’s The Corner,

The U.S. Education Department released yet another study Friday documenting the fact that black students are suspended and expelled at higher rates than white students. The Obama administration and civil-rights advocates routinely trot out this disparity to justify a strong federal hammer against allegedly racist school districts.

This latest Civil Rights Data Collection Snapshot includes preschool suspension rates for the first time, and they, too, are racially skewed: Black preschoolers are 42 percent of the students suspended once, and 48 percent of the students suspended more than once though they are only 18 percent of preschool enrollment. Pre-K suspensions are exceedingly rare, however: Fewer than 5,000 students out of over 1 million preschoolers were suspended once in the 2011 school year, 2,500 students more than once. 

The media and the civil-rights complex responded on cue with the usual handwringing about racial “inequity.”

“To see that young African-American students — or babies, as I call them — are being suspended from pre-K programs at such horrendous rates is deeply troubling,” Leticia Smith-Evans, interim director of education practice at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, told the New York Times. (Ms. Smith-Evans ignored the fact that “such horrendous rates” only affect a little over a thousand black “babies” nationwide.) “It’s incredible to think about or fathom what pre-K students could be doing to get suspended from schools.” 

Actually, what Ms. Smith-Evans should be trying to fathom is the black crime rate, which explains the school-suspension rate. Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic males of the same age combined. Given such high crime rates, what do the civil-rights advocates and the Obama administration think is going on in the classroom — docile obedience and strict self-discipline? In fact, the same weak impulse control that leads to such high crime rates among young black males inevitably means more disruptive behavior in school. 

The report is useless and misleading because it doesn’t account for significant factors that can affect behavior and makes race the only variable. Consider what MacDonald writes about the “black crime rate.” She carefully makes sure to deal with “males of the same age.” She has to do that because age is also a factor in violent crime. If blacks are, on average, younger than whites, then they will certainly be more likely to be involved in violent crime. So comparing blacks and whites without accounting for age would make the discrepancy even worse. But what about other factors? What about violent crime rates for those born outside of marriage, or raised in a single-parent home? Do we compare the black crime rate to whites in the same neighborhood, or from the same socio-economic background?

I’m not denying discrepancies between races. I’m just saying that it is easy to leave out important factors that make those discrepancies look better or worse than they really are.

The same is true of this stupid “report.” If we don’t know how many of these children are from single-parent households compared to children where both mother and father are still married and living together, then what do we really know? If, black children are more likely to come from broken homes, then we can’t isolate race as a cause until we compare them to white children from the same family background. Income would also be an issue.

So this report shows no interest in learning the truth. It just wants to encourage racial grievances. And the bitter irony is that it is actually making as much a case for racism as it is making a case that the discrepancies are motivated by racism.

I am cynical enough that I don’t believe this result is unintentional. The state wins by setting social groups up against one another. This is a power play. The state fosters a state of war in order to justify assuming the powers of peacekeepers. This report is simultaneously a false flag attack on the educators, accusing them of racist behavior, as well as a false flag attack on minorities, making their behavior seem perhaps worse than it is.

The “race” that is the real problem are politicians. They need to be separated from the rest of us, no matter what color they are.