Radical Islamic Anti-Christian Expulsion Is 100% Made in America—a U.S. Government Creation

In Iraq, all Christians have now fled from Mosul. As one blogger writes:

This evening, our brethren the Syrian (Syriac) Catholics and Chaldean Catholics, who worship in the language of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all other Christians are gone from Mosul. There may be some hidden in various places, but all public signs of their presence are gone. The seat of the Syrian Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul was completely burned down by the terrorist “Islamic State” this very evening, July 18, 2014, several converging reports seem to confirm.

After two thousand years, it is finished. It’s over.

This is a monstrosity. Who is responsible?

One answer would be Muslims. But how does that work? Christians have lived in Mosul for almost two thousand years. Christians have lived and worked and prospered in Iraq. While there may have been times when their second-class status in the society led to hardship, they have always continued to live there.

Islamists did not suddenly wake up one day and decide to drive away all the Christians.

For years, we have been warning that support for terrorists in neighboring Syria would surely end badly. But even we could not imagine that it would end so badly so fast and over such a vast area. And yet, the insane Empire-builders are still handing billions and billions, and hundreds of millions of dollars to “moderate” terrorists! Where’s the outrage? Have you contacted your congressman, senator, president, MP, prime-minister expressing your outrage, begging this madness to stop?


Who will pay for the lasting damage lying Western politicians created by starting a process that would lead to what not even the first Islamic rulers, thirteen centuries ago, ever did, the obliteration of Christian life and populations? “Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time,” says the Lord. His judgment over this generation and their rulers will be overwhelming and frightful. 

And even while we watch the Christians in Iraq get persecuted and pursued, our government is still Hell-bent on getting rid of Bashar al-Assad from Syria so that that entire country can share Iraq’s experience of the zombie apocalypse that is ISIS and their radical, American –supplied, Islamists.

Remember the committed arrogance and stupidity of John McCain in the face of a woman crying out for mercy, begging him not to turn Syria into “another Iraq.” (Note, this was before ISIS grabbed territory.)

As I have written before: the U.S. government has insisted on the overthrow of the dictator Bashar al-Assad, a ruthless man who protected religious minorities in Syria and prevented extremists from victimizing others. In so doing, we created an al Qaeda paradise in large parts of Syrian territory. While at times we pretend we are “only” supporting the “moderate,” at other times we openly admit what has always been going on, the empowerment of religious killers to overturn a secular dictatorship. Far from being “anti-war” (Viet Nam was long ago!), our mainstream media completely plays stupid and pretends that we are not the source of Sunni terrorist funding in the Middle East. They simply ignore the atrocities against Christians because they don’t want to spoil the myth that we are on the side of the “good guys.”

Now all of this has exploded in Iraq and caused the death and destruction of ancient Christian communities. God isn’t happy with the U.S. government.