Rahm Emanuel Giving “Extemporaneous” Advice To GOP Is Really All About Hillary Clinton

The real help to conservatives found in Rahm Emanuel’s carefully planned remarks is not mentioned in the Mediaite column. Rather, the headline and the content are baited to direct conservatives to want to read the quotations from Rahm Emanuel and play the video. Medaite columnist Noah Rothman claims Emanuel was taking “an extemporaneous stroll through history” with CNN host Jake Tapper. I don’t think it was all that unplanned.

Rahm Emanuel Takes a Swipe at Obama While Bashing the GOP on CNN

This headline will draw conservatives in. They will think it is no big deal for Emanuel to be attacking Republicans because, you know, he’s Rahm Emauel. But the swipe at Obama will appeal to them. They’ve thought of Emanuel as “Obama’s man” for years now. So they will want the satisfaction of hearing it.

Does this mean that “even Liberals” are waking up?

No, it means Rahm Emanuel probably always was a Clinton agent:

Ever a Bill Clinton loyalist, Emanuel said that the GOP can learn from the 42nd President’s successful rebranding of the Democratic Party after being shut out of the White House for more than a decade. Maybe Emanuel knew his advice to the GOP also contained within it a subtle dig at his former boss, President Obama. Clinton’s “new direction” was one that both Obama and his party’s voters soundly rejected…

Focusing on the Republican internecine struggle, Emanuel advised the GOP to seek out and embrace a “Bill Clinton moment.”

“Our own party — 10, 20 years ago — faced this, and Bill Clinton set a new direction for the Democratic Party,” he continued. “As you know, I have a fondness for, I think, that kind of more pragmatic, progressive philosophy.”

So the problem with Obama was that he is sooooo different than Bill Clinton. Right. And Emanuel saying that now in 2013 has nothing to do with anyone left from that era who is conspiring to get back to power? Not credible.

This is nothing more than propaganda for Hillary Clinton. We’re going to start hearing stories about how the Democrats were doing so well but then got led in the wrong direction by the Barack Obama party. The only people who can show us the proper “direction” for the Democratic Party and the country will be the one who was with Bill Clinton when the whole myth was invented in the first place.

So don’t’ be comforted too much when the media seems to turn on Obama. He’s mostly dead weight now. They are already campaigning for the new face of Left-totalitarianism.

One thing I loved about this piece, however, which I believe fell outside the propaganda matrix, was Emanuel’s admission about the origins of the tea party—though he refused to name it. He says our politics got worse because of the “populist backlash” against TARP—the open plunder of America for a few banksters.

Absolutely right. But Emanuel has just admitted that the tea party, which has proven impossible for the one percent to control, didn’t start as opposition to Obama.

It started as opposition to the debt/spending schemes of George W. Bush.

All this garbage about “racist” tea party activists has all been a ruse. The tea party is the original rebellion against Wall Street—and thus a threat to Hillary for the same reason it is a threat to the Republicans.

We live in exciting times.