Rand Paul is Right: Hillary Should Lose in 2016

Hillary should lose because she can’t seem to make a Democrat win.

Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigned hard for Democrats in Arkansas, Kentucky, and even Iowa.

And their candidates did not win.


According to the Hill, Rand Paul pointed out what this means for 2016.

“I think we’re going to pick up enough [seats] to take over the Senate, and I think it is a repudiation basically of the president’s policies, but also Hillary Clinton,” Paul said on Fox News Tuesday night.

“Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been all over the place. They’re trying to make out as if they’re somehow better for Democrats, but in Kentucky they were soundly rejected.”

As President Obama stayed away from the Senate campaign trail, both Hillary and former President Bill Clinton campaigned hard, particularly in Kentucky and Arkansas. But both Democratic Senate candidates are projected to lose in those states. Paul also pointed to Iowa, a key presidential state.

“They campaigned in Kentucky very heavily, and in Arkansas, and in Iowa, so I think the facts are the facts,” he said on Fox News Tuesday night. “Did the Clintons help their ticket? So far, I don’t think they have.”

Remember, the Clintons’ active campaigning was a strategic move. Democrats knew that they didn’t want Barack Obama’s help with their campaigns. He was toxic to them. But the Clintons were supposed to be different.  Bill Clinton is the Democrats’ Ronald Reagan! So of course their work on behalf of fellow Democrats should bring out the vote.

It didn’t.

So what makes anyone sure that Hillary can win in 2016?

A lot can change in two years. So maybe Hillary will pull it off. But remember how omnipotent the Democrats seemed to be in 2008 or even in 2012. The Republican Party seemed weak and doomed.

How do the Democrats and the Republicans look now?