Rand Paul Stands Against Increasing the Debt Ceiling

For six years we Republicans have griped about what Obama has done to the national debt, so why are we helping him borrow more? The truth is the sequester was barely a reduction of spending. What we needed and still need at the very least is a spending freeze. We should be talking about reducing the budget, eventually. But a spending freeze would at least be a step in the right direction.

Where are the fiscal conservatives who were elected by the Tea Party Republicans?  Where is Ted Cruz on this issue?  They approved this debt deal with Obama, but now they are embarrassed by it.  Still they are going along with another move to increase the debt ceiling.

From the hill.com

Sen. Rand Paul. the libertarianish presidential candidate from Kentucky, will filibuster the truly awful debt-limit deal currently winding its way through Congress like cancer through a large intestine.

“I will filibuster it, I’ll delay it, I’ll shout about it. I’m going to talk about it until I’m tired of talking about it and until people wake up and say this is wrong for the country,” [Paul said]….

The House is poised Wednesday to approve a two-year government funding bill that raises the spending caps set in 2011 while avoiding a potential default on U.S. loans.

The Senate must approve the legislation before it heads to President Obama’s desk. 

The legislation’s discretionary spending increase — by $112 billion over the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years — is drawing criticism from many Republican advocacy groups. 

“I think raising the debt ceiling with no limit is absurd, wrong, a recipe for unlimited spending,” Paul told The Hill following a campaign rally in Denver, a day before the third GOP presidential debate Wednesday night.

Even though Rand Paul won’t stop the bill by filibustering, he is at least taking a stand against it.  We can only hope that other senators who claim to be fiscally conservative will step up and do the same.