Range War Not Hot Yet, But…

This is definitely one to watch–a man whose family has run livestock on the land since 1870 has had his cattle rustled (stolen) by the Federal government, and now they have also detained one of the rancher’s sons for moving outside of the Feds’ declared “First Amendment Area”…

Gee, and here I thought that applied in the entire country!

Freedom will only thrive once again when men stand for it, and tell the tyrants with tin badges, “No!” Reportedly a few hundred men and women are standing this very moment to say that very thing. If this “Range War” goes hot, things will get very interesting in this nation.

From the Los Angeles Times: “’Range war’ with BLM: Hundreds rally for Nevada cattle rancher.”

Wielding signs and slogans, several hundred demonstrators rallied Monday to support beleaguered Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy after authorities began to seize his cattle from federal land.

Protesters had responded to an alert that promised: “Range war begins at the Bundy ranch at 9:30 a.m. We’re going to get the job done!”

Federal officials say Bundy is illegally running cattle in the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area, habitat of the federally protected desert tortoise. A federal judge ruled last year that if Bundy did not remove his cattle, they could be seized by the Bureau of Land Management. That seizure began Saturday.

Bundy and his supporters remain unbowed.

“We have hundreds of people here standing behind us,” said Bundy’s daughter Bailey Logue, 22, during a telephone interview Monday from the family ranch, as a rooster crowed in the background. “We’re letting these federal people know that the Bundy family is not the only ones who care what happens to this land.”

Bundy, 68, has refused to pay BLM grazing fees since 1993, arguing in court filings that his Mormon ancestors worked the land long before the BLM was formed, giving him rights that predate federal involvement. His back fees exceed $300,000, he says. The government puts the tab above $1 million.

It is past time to choose sides: Are you with the paid thugs, or the free men? I’m hoping some of the paid thugs recognize that they’re Americans, first, and Federal thugs, a distant second. If an opening shot is fired—either from the Federal snipers or the ranchers—this could get very ugly, very fast.