“Rape Culture” Hysteria Leads to University Lynching Spree

Alleged “rape culture” on college campuses is massively overblown. But those who express doubts about it are treated as rapists themselves. This leads to nothing good. For example, consider this Washington Examiner headline: “Students cleared of gang-rape accusation sue university that expelled them anyway.”

Four male students accused of sexually assaulting a female William Paterson University student are suing the school over their expulsions.

The four students, along with a fifth who has not filed a lawsuit, are alleging their civil rights were violated, they were falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted after campus police failed to properly investigate the sexual assault accusation against them.

Michael Epstein, an attorney for two of the accused students, said that the accused and accuser were on good terms after the sexual encounter and that police arrested his clients “based on the accuser’s report alone.” He said campus police didn’t interview other witnesses or seek cellphone records or surveillance video. They also didn’t assemble a rape kit to collect the physical evidence.

The five students were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, criminal restraint and kidnapping. A grand jury refused to indict and the charges were dismissed, yet the school still expelled them.

Ron Ricci, an attorney for the other two students who are suing, said he and other defense attorneys provided the prosecutor with evidence, and that the prosecutor “presented the case honestly” to the grand jury, which led to the dismissal. Ricci added that the facts showed there was no sexual assault.


Ricci said the accused students were not granted a hearing before being expelled. Another defense attorney said the students received only a letter that they were banned from campus but would receive a hearing.

So no evidence but they got expelled anyway.

I am curious how much “racial profiling” was involved in this decision by the administration. All the accused students were black and relatively poor. They could only attend the college through a state program, the Educational Opportunity Fund. This means that they can’t go to a comparable college. William Paterson University’s action has disqualified them from an education.

So while the University probably espouses liberal, politically correct values, they don’t hesitate to cancel these students’ basic rights to be considered innocent until proven guilty and their rights to confront their accusers.