Rape Culture Zombies Are About to Get Violent

Believers in rape culture are publicly targeting people for not agreeing with their politics, pretending they are aggressors.

Everyone knows that aggression is wrong and self-defense is a proper response to it. That is why one of the main tools of an aggressor is to portray his target as an aggressor. If he can get away with that deception then it is easy to claim his own actions—his own aggressions—are self-defense.

So here is what one group of students at Oberlin College did to the members of another group:

Oberlin stalking posters

They put up signs naming a conservative or libertarian student, claiming that student was perpetuating rape culture.

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What was the dastardly deed that these people committed?

As Reason.com reported, they brought Christina Hoff Summers, an “individualist feminist and AEI [American Enterprise Institute] scholar” to speak on the campus.

Reason’s Robby Soave comments,

According to the source, a group of approximately 10 student-activists were behind the posters.

They have the right to denounce their fellow students as perpetuators of rape culture, I suppose, though the fact that some students would smear others with this charge for merely bringing a speaker to campus is disappointing. Do students no longer recognize that the entire point of challenge is to grapple with new and different ways of thinking about the world?

But I think it is worse than that. Soave quotes David Bernstein of the Washington Post who wrote something that I think gets us closer to the heart of the matter.

Just today I learned (via Hans Bader) that Oberlin, supposedly one of the great liberal arts colleges in the world, has been in a tizzy because of a speech by the rather mainstream conservative feminist Christina Hoff Summers, which supposedly made students feel “unsafe” well in advance. And so on.

In no examples that I have seen has there been any actual threat or prospect of violence against the students complaining that they feel “unsafe.”

This is a huge threat to the future of free speech nevertheless. Today’s college students are going to be tomorrow’s judges, and if they truly believe that “safety” means “never having to deal with opinions that disagree with one’s cherished beliefs,” then censorship has a good chance of gaining the upper hand over freedom of speech. After all, public safety can be a justification for suppressing speech, as with the “fighting words” doctrine.

If they claim to feel “unsafe” then they are claiming to be in danger. Bernstein is right but the threat is more close at hand. If these people are pretending to be threatened it is only a matter of time that someone will believe violence is an appropriate counter-measure.

That, in my opinion, is obviously where this is headed. These brain-dead, emotion-driven “rape culture” zombies are looking for an excuse to draw blood.

And when they do I predict half the media and ninety percent of academia will make excuses for it.

Bernstein worries about “tomorrow’s judges,” but someone should have worried yesterday about today’s teachers and college administrators. There are adults who are planting this madness in receptive students and watching their poison seed bear bitter fruit.