Rape Hysteria Continues in Power despite Lying

Rape hysteria engineer continues on Virginia “sexual assault task force” despite setting up false Rolling Stones story. (Or because she did it?)

Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe has a sexual assault task force set up. I thought rape was already illegal in Virginia so I’m curious why the executive branch needs such a thing. One member of that task force is Emily Renda. Renda is the one who set up a lying alleged rape victim with a Rolling Stone “reporter” (so-called), which resulted in an infamous tissue of falsehoods published as factual accusations against the University of Virginia.

And now she continues on with a position on the task force. Personally, I wonder if she sees the story as something she did as a private citizen or in her official capacity as a member of the task force.

According to the Daily Caller:

Renda told TheDC that nobody expressed any concern about her continued participation on McAuliffe’s sexual assault task force, which she was appointed to in September. Renda continued to participate on the task force even after introducing “Jackie” to disgraced Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

“No, no one has to my knowledge,” Renda said.

The Daily Caller has also pointed out that Renda had White House access. She

made a number of White House visits to serve on the president’s sexual assault task force with White House staffers, where she crafted official White House documents as recently as April.

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So this shows us how government expands power. As we all know, the government never lets a crisis go to waste. Thus, government naturally has a vested interest in creating and amplifying crises whenever and however it can. By claiming to address these crises the government expands its power and increases the number of its interventions into society.

From this, one could easily theorize that the government will always want to find, sponsor, and elevate “activists” who have an extremely negative view of society and a zealous commitment to “fixing” society, a commitment unhampered by humility or moral boundaries. Whether Renda fully matches such a description, I don’t know. But she is obviously part of the reason why rape allegations about college campuses are way overblown.

How many more like her are out there?