Rational Scientific Thinking: Jail Climate Change Deniers

Behold the ravings of an all-too-typical madman! Professor Lawrence Torcello is religiously convinced humans are responsible for “Climate Change” and therefore we need the equivalent of blasphemy laws to punish those who would dare question “consensus” dogma, spouted by priests from the Fellowship Of Obvious Laws of Science.

From the ironically named, The Conversation:

What are we to make of those behind the well documented corporate funding of global warming denial? Those who purposefully strive to make sure “inexact, incomplete and contradictory information” is given to the public? I believe we understand them correctly when we know them to be not only corrupt and deceitful, but criminally negligent in their willful disregard for human life. It is time for modern societies to interpret and update their legal systems accordingly.

Why is Torcello typical? Because he’s an academic with no connection to relevant disciplines for the subject in question, yet he advocates imprisonment for the myriad of climate and meteorological scientists (and many others) who doubt man has much, if anything, to do with the planet’s weather.

So, what happens when we discover there is not enough prison space anywhere to house the 2/3 of America guilty of Climatic Blasphemy? I guess executions will be necessary, which suits the whole Agenda 21, environmentalism-as-religion philosophy just fine, since such people believe at least 80% of the planet’s population needs to be eliminated for things to be sustainable.

As the professor concludes: Free speech be damned, we have heresy trials to conduct before we all die from the heat. Er, cold. Um, or storms… or lack of storms. Heck, the evidence doesn’t matter, let the hangings begin!

By the way, if you want to see something tragically humorous, check out the comments where comment after comment after comment after comment has been deleted by the moderator. I guess they’re practicing that elimination of free speech by making the opposition disappear! Ha!