Are You Ready for Obamagarten?

Liberals just want everybody to have everything, that’s all.

Raise the minimum wage and tax the heck out of the maximum wage so that everybody can share the wealth and be rich.

Lower the fence and raise the gates so that everyone can share the citizenship.

Shrink the labor force and stretch out unemployment benefits so everyone can “follow their passion” without having to work.

Shut down existing policies, raise prices and tax anyone who scoffs, so that all Americans can have the pleasure of Obamacare.

It’s hard to keep track of all the “universals” the Obama Administration has churned out — including universal education rules through Common Core, with the help of the nation’s governors.

So it was probably inevitable that “universal preschool” would come toddling around the corner sooner or later. Obama requested $750 million to spend on it Tuesday, in his $3.9 trillion budget. He actually had proposed the program more than a year ago, but he’s been busy, what with golf and all.

Obama said he hoped the money will lay a foundation for what will eventually be universally available preschool.

If it’s anything like Obamacare, the country can hardly wait.

In addition to its “share and share alike” aspect, universal preschool would coincide with the liberal dogma of “get ’em while they’re young.” If the Administration hasn’t picked a mascot for the preschool program yet, I’d like to suggest the president with a catcher’s mitt and a branding iron.

Cradle to grave, after all.

Even if there’s no evidence that preschool actually does anything beneficial for children, other than providing guilt-free prison facilities for working so-called parents.

In between learning valuable finger painting skills, making macaroni necklaces, naptime and driving a pedal-powered firetruck around the playground, preschool supplies the needed training and knowledge that will help students compete in the global marketplace. …

In keeping with the Obamacare model, maybe we can even have the IRS hunt down and maim anyone who doesn’t sign up.