When Reality Doesn’t Measure Up to Climate Change Hysteria, Distract People with Unreal Pictures!

I had to laugh when I saw these pictures. Now you know Climate Change supporters are feeling the pressure of reality! They’re resorting to “artist’s renderings” of the coming apocalypse—scare tactics to get their way, since the science is leaning in the very opposite direction.

fake pictures

Reading about what climate change means for the future is one thing – seeing pictures of it is entirely different.

Using data which estimates possible future sea level rises from melting ice caps, artist Nickolay Lamm took photographs of American landmarks shown after a 12-foot rise in sea level.

The stark images, released Wednesday by Climate Central, come as officials continue to emphasize the impending dangers associated with global warming. Dire predictions from a report released last week say that climate change is already beginning to increase coastal flooding, deadly heat waves, hurricanes and other natural disasters.


The pictures come out just days after two reports claimed that the retreat and melt of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is “unstoppable” and will likely cause severe coastal flooding.

As they promote these new, dire warnings of rising seas and cities under water, please remember that all of their predictions from just a few short years ago have proved totally exaggerated and false. Now they have to come up with even more crazy warnings to keep the money flowing and to grasp increased power.

The only thing underwater right now is our country’s economy, thanks to the destructive force of past Progressive fallacies and delusions.

Let’s not fall for any more.