What Really Happened in DC Car Chase and Shooting of Miriam Carey

The wild incident of a car chase and shooting death of unarmed driver Miriam Carey in Washington D.C. is an example of police using deadly force in a situation where it wasn’t warranted.

The report states that the driver, Miriam Carey, first struck a security barrier and a US Secret Service officer near the White House before the chase began.

A video of Carey’s car being surrounded by police with guns drawn before she took off on the street can be viewed here.

There aren’t any specifics on whether this spot is where she parked after initially breaching the security barrier. I’m assuming, however, it is since the car chase began in this video.

What this tells us is that she panicked at being surrounded by police pointing guns at her and escaped the only way she knew how which was driving off.

Carey had no record of violence or criminal activity previous to this incident. She was said to be suffering from postpartum depression since giving birth to her daughter last August. Friends and family who have been interviewed since the incident say she was very pleasant with no indication which would lead to what happened in DC.

The car chase itself, judging from the video, did not seem like the high speed car chase of a suspect trying to escape police as we’ve seen in the past in many California car chases.

To me, this says she wasn’t trying to escape police because of a crime just committed but instead was fleeing police in fear of her life after having many guns pointed at her.

At the time she was shot by police, it is reported that she was killed after she got out of the car and began running.

Clearly, police could see that she wasn’t armed, yet, she was shot in the head anyway.

This incident is clearly a case where a suspect becomes frightened after breaching a police barrier, then having a multitude of guns pointed at her after parking, causing a massive panic attack.

The initial barrier breach could have been because she took her mind off the road due to the child in the backseat crying.

In this case, the police are at fault for drawing their guns on her and causing the incident which would not have been an incident at all if she had been approached in a civil manner after parking. She clearly parked after hitting the barrier knowing she’d made a mistake.

At the time of this writing, the family of Miriam Carey is not allowed to see the body and no one is allowed to see Miriam’s child.

This indicates that the Feds need time to come up with an excuse for shooting Carey in the manner they did.

At any rate, this whole incident stinks with the smell of police overacting, resulting in the needless death of someone they frightened into a panic-driven mania.

As citizens of the US it is important that we act on police using deadly force in situations where it isn’t necessary and prevent it from happening again.

This tragedy is only one in a long list of police brutality in the form of the use of deadly force, happening across the country every day.