With a Rebel Yell, Liberals Scurry for Cover

You can always tell a liberal is scared when he demands that you apologize.

And when he demands that you apologize for something you had nothing to do with, then he’s really scared.

Such is the case with calls for Ted Cruz and other Republicans to apologize because some guy from Texas unfurled a Confederate flag in front of the White House yesterday.

One guy, during the Million Vet March for the Memorials to reclaim our historical monuments from the clutches of the Obama Administration’s phony shutdown.

I haven’t seen any other photos of people carrying Confederate flags, and I don’t think it was a rally for the Tea Party exclusively, or the GOP exclusively, for that matter.

In fact, the guy, Michael Ashmore from Hooks, Texas, was waving two flags: the Confederate and the Marine Corps flags. In photos, he doesn’t seem to be wearing any GOP or Tea Party gear, and I have yet to come across a story where the writer actually talked to him, so he could be Libertarian or even a soulful Democrat.

Yet somehow, Ashmore’s personal free speech has become, in the media, hordes of Tea Partiers and GOPers with Confederate flags storming the White House. A couple of stories also threw in Larry Klayman calling for nonviolent protest to remove Obama from office.


Imagine nonviolent removal of a president many Americans don’t want any more. The nerve.

Clearly, Ted Cruz, who spoke to the veterans, must apologize. Heck, maybe the Marines should apologize. Ashmore was flying their flag, after all.

I think it’s a bit tacky to haul out the Confederate flag and stand in front of the hyper-racial White House. But it’s also Ashmore’s right. And it’s a bit funny to watch the reactions.

Regular readers of this website know their history, so the irony of Democrats demanding an apology for flying the flag of the Democrat-created Confederacy because it offends their voter base is not lost.

The Democrats want the world to associate racism and slavery with Republicans, but liberals haven’t changed. They’re still the ones who judge people based on skin color and who try to order around everyone who’s not in their club.

Long before Ted Cruz should even for one iota of a moment think of apologizing for someone’s Confederate flag, let’s talk about Democrats apologizing for the KKK, eugenics via Planned Parenthood, discriminatory Affirmative Action policies, racist welfare policies that destroy black families, Al Sharpton … etc.

And just for good measure let’s throw in apologies for Saul Alinsky devotees, Marx groupies and anyone who wears those stupid Lenin and Che Guevara T-shirts.

In other words, let’s first hear apologies from the people who should be apologizing.