Refugees Welcomed Despite Terrorist Risk

Syrian refugees will be welcomed in our country despite the threat that some might be undercover terrorists.

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We get this interesting tidbit from ABC News: “US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort.”

Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria.

“It’s clearly a population of concern,” the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Nicholas Rasmussen, told the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday.

Committee Chairman Mike McCaul, R-Texas, went further, saying it would be a “huge mistake” to bring refugees from the conflict to the U.S. – even as an estimated 4 million children, women and men have been forced to flee Syria and another 7 million have been displaced from their homes there, unable to leave.

Oh sure… why not?… We’ve already allowed countless disease-ridden folks to be distributed from sea-to-shining-sea, bringing everything except the plague. What are a few dozen ISIS terrorists among friends?

[State Department director of Refugee Admission for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Larry] Bartlett insisted every refugee is vetted through an “intensive” system, drawing on information and expertise from several U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Defense Department.

“’We have a very slow process of moving refugees through our pipeline, and part of it is because of the security vetting component,” Bartlett said.

Stop, Larry, please… stop. Did you go to school with Marie Harf?

This Administration already proved how abysmal it is in these matters with the influx that arrived from Mexico, Central and South America–a large number of American children were permanently paralyzed and died from the diseases you allowed into the country, and then spread to every State in the Union. Now you want us to believe you have a clue about vetting people arriving from a totally failed nation, with no law enforcement resources to check to see who’s a terrorist?

Next you’ll be asking us to believe if we just give ISIS jobs they’ll put down their weapons! Oh… wait… you’ve already done that. Nevermind.

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