Rejoice! There’s No Stopping ObamaCare and the Coming Utopia

I’m so excited. I can hardly wait. It’s like Christmas in October, for Obamacare will be kicking in for real in about 2 to 3 weeks.

For those of us that understand this law better than most, we are worried, to put it mildly. I say “understand it better” because no one, including its author(s) — whoever they are — know everything about it. Scary isn’t it; passing a law that controls one sixth of the economy and is still a mystery to all.

Yet the low-to-no-information crowd is being hit with a full-court press of Obamacare positives. To my point, MSN Money posted an article highlighting 10 great things about Obamacare. I couldn’t resist but to click on it and find out just how they claim it will solve all our healthcare concerns.

Shall we examine a few?

The article began with a bang as Sara Collins, VP for affordable health insurance of the Commonwealth fund, exclaimed: “The market reforms really level the playing field. You can no longer be excluded based on your health, for instance, if you have diabetes or asthma. That will really benefit those who are older.”

Ah yes, leveling the playing field, the mantra of the socialist set. And they didn’t forget to include the benefits to the low information old folks, although they did neglect to mention the death panels.

Another positive point was that restaurants with over 20 locations must post calorie and nutrition information. This is apparently great news and will coax many to make healthier choices. They continued by explaining that low income people eating at fast food joints, more than 25% were influenced by the information, yet they still consumed the same amount of calories. Huh?

So the restaurants must spend extra money posting information that is evidently worthless. That’s par for the course. And another thing — how do “low income” people afford to eat out? I thought we had a hunger crisis in America. Another, another thing — those who think the endgame of this particular scheme isn’t eventually to dictate what we all eat are kidding themselves. Remember — nudge, shove, shoot. This is the nudge.

Some more good news was highlighted for “low to moderate income” folks. MSN writes that Obamacare will “allow more poor to near poor to enroll for health insurance at no cost.” More? What do they mean more? I thought everyone would be covered. More means, not all, does it not?

MSN then described a sliding scale of Obamacare premium credits for a family of four earning up to $88,000 a year. $88,000 a year and still needing a handout? Who will be paying full boat for this? Oh, that’s right — the evil rich.

Here’s a little something I didn’t know. Early retirees can rejoice, for the generous folks that run Obamacare have put aside $5 billion in a fund to help them remain covered, thanks to the rest of us, I guess. So if you see or speak to someone who is retiring early make sure to tell him or her — you’re welcome.

The cheerleaders at MSN made sure, more than once, to stress that no patient would be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions of any kind and will not be charged extra for said coverage.

Yes, I get it. We know this stuff. This isn’t news to us. It’s true, but this wasn’t posted front and center on the MSN homepage for our benefit. It is direct from the administration’s propaganda department for consumption of the low information, low-income citizen and elitists wishing to defend their position.

As has been stated many times; those who simply read this propaganda without a critical eye will think it’s great. Those of us who know, realize more than ever, the endgame — single-payer. No private insurer will survive this onslaught and that is what the statists are counting on. This must and can still be defunded and beat back lest, in a few years, we all become wards of the state.