Released Gitmo Inmates Join ISIS

Remember all those predictions that inmates released from Guantanamo Bay would just go right back to the same Islamist terror groups they came from?

This is where conservatives get to say “told ya so” to their liberal acquaintances.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Intelligence sources have informed Fox News that as many as 30 former Gitmo inmates released in the past three years are believed to have enlisted in ISIS, al-Qaida and other Islamist organizations inside Syria.

Of the 620 inmates released from Guantanamo, about 180 are suspected to have returned to battlefields in various countries. Of the ones who haven’t returned directly to fighting, an unknown number are still aiding the cause by raising money and funding operations from abroad.

Military officials have acknowledged the figures but stress that most of the former inmates have not gotten back into terrorism.

Sen. John McCain appeared upset over the revelations. He raised the issue of the five Islamist leaders the Obama Administration traded for the release of Bowe Bergdahl, whom many people believe was a deserter.

McCain told Greta Van Susteren, “I guarantee you they reentered the fight. … The eagerness with which this administration wants to get these people out of Guantanamo has clearly overridden good sense and a real concern for the lives of American men and women who are serving.”

Further, McCain said, of the 30 percent of released inmates who return to the Islamist fight, many of them are given leadership positions because it’s considered a “red badge of courage” to have been in Gitmo.

About 149 inmates remain in Gitmo.

“Obviously, the president wants to close Guantanamo, and there are many of us who would agree with him if he had a plan,” McCain said.

Instead, he said, the president is willing to send the detainees back to their home countries just to get rid of them so that he can close Gitmo.

“It’s disgraceful,” McCain said.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel defended the Administration’s policy, saying, “We know that some of the detainees that have come out of Guantanamo have gone back to the fight, the battlefield. We’re aware of that and we think that overall the policy of getting to close Guantanamo is clearly in the interest of the United States, as the president has articulated.”

As usual, the Obama Administration seems to be on the opposite side of the American people. Contrary to Hagel’s opinion, the interest of the United States is in keeping terrorists locked up, not returned to their homes to make more plots against humanity just so Obama can score political points with his followers.