How Religious Liberty Is Being Killed and Replaced

Christian commenter points out the conflict between religious liberty and erotic liberty.

Al Mohler

Atlanta’s fire chief was fired for his Christian beliefs, and Al Mohler clearly sees the storm clouds fast approaching (“Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty — Religious Liberty is Losing”). A flood has been unleashed, and it denies real First Amendment freedom in favor of “Erotic Liberty.”

Erotic liberty is new on the scene, but it is central to the moral project of modernity — a project that asserts erotic liberty, which the framers never imagined, as an even more fundamental liberty than freedom of religion. The logic of erotic liberty has worked its way from law schools and academia into popular culture, entertainment, public policy, and Supreme Court decisions.

America’s foundational liberties were rooted in transcendent principles—self-evident standards to which every man and government was expected to submit. Today, the individual has been exalted to a false “sovereignty” that promises untold havoc. Anchorless men are now deciding whose personal, sexual tastes will reign supreme, based on little more than their own debased passions.

It is the Facebooking and Blogization of morality.

A platform for communication that formerly took decades of demonstrated dependability and professionalism to attain is now available to anyone with a keyboard and access to the Internet. Instead of being forced to run a gauntlet of editors and colleagues who would fact-check and vet your work, now… you click “post,” and your view of reality is there for the world to see.

In a similar way, instead of consulting “the laws of nature and nature’s God”—or even thousands of years of human cultural history–today we’re being forced to uncritically accept a person’s proclamation that she was born to love a bridge, her dog, three men and a cat, or her toaster, and that society should bless her individual, erotic and relational desires with an official status called marriage.

There need be no actual proof—scientific or otherwise—just an individual’s claim that such is the case and, if you don’t go along, you’re obviously a bigot! If a girl says she’s in love with her biological father and wants to marry him, who are you to say ‘no’!?! You have no right to tell a person who they can love!

Al Mohler does a good job exposing the intellectual bankruptcy of those backing these monumental changes, but the central problem is that fallible men have taken God’s place on the seat of the universe, and that is the anti-American root of the entire problem. We are looking within to compose a fictional reality in accordance with our tastes, rather than looking for ultimate truth, and submitting to that which is so much greater than ourselves.

Take note of the increasing militancy with each successive cultural victory. The real danger arrives when these people fully attain their goals, yet they still find themselves unfulfilled, unhappy, and wracked with doubts and guilt. In that moment, the mere existence of people who uphold God’s truth will be identified as the problem, and instead of losing jobs and wealth, they will target our very lives.