Remember, Libs: More Executive Power For Obama Means More For Next GOP President

The recent coverage of President Obama’s policy of targeting American citizens for drone-bombing for mere suspicion of supporting terrorism has demonstrated not only an interesting though unsurprising double standard from the left, but also a child-like ignorance of the implications of the policies they support.

MSNBC host Krystal Ball is proud to admit that she is completely okay with Obama killing whatever citizens he so chooses because she trusts him to make the right choice, but that she would not be okay if George W. Bush were still at the White House:

“I think [Bush] displayed extraordinary lapses in judgment in executing his primary responsibility as commander in chief….President Obama would have exercised better judgment and he has exercised better judgment. The way it stands now, the drone program is exclusively in the domain of the executive….So yeah, I feel a whole lot better about the program when the decider, so to speak, is President Obama.”

What Ball and many other liberals do not understand is that whatever new policies are enacted by the executive branch set a precedent that they probably will not like in the future.

For example, after Obama leaves office, all of the following presidents will have the same power Obama had–yes, that means Republicans too. So what liberals need to ask themselves is, Do I really want the next Republican president killing any citizen he thinks is a terrorist? And on the subject of health care, too, they need to ask themselves, Do I really want the next Republican president to be able to tell me I have to buy and install porn-blocking software on my computer, and that I must pay a fine for every year that I don’t?

And Republicans, take the Patriot Act. Up until recently, I actually supported this policy of President Bush. Now, however, I realize it was a bad thing. Why? Because I don’t trust Obama with it. If I were of the same mind a few short years ago that I am today, I would have not supported the Patriot Act’s passage under Bush, because I would have realized that whatever power Bush has with the Patriot Act, so too will whatever Democrat comes into office after him.

By giving one man the powers that liberals, with their new-found complacency, have given Obama, they have given all future presidents that same power.

So here’s what to do: If you did not vote for whatever president holds office, one thing that can help prevent tyrannies from taking hold in our government is to pretend that you did not vote for the current president. This will help you judge them more objectively.

That said, I vow here, in writing, to treat all future presidents, even the Republican ones, with the same eye of scrutiny that I’ve treated Obama. This will both guard me against accusations of hypocrisy (because it will mean I’m not a hypocrite) and, more importantly, help the cause of preventing America from devolving into a tyranny where each successive president has ever-increasing powers.