Replacement Refs and Presidents

Three weeks. That’s all it took. The NFL has reached an agreement with the referee’s union and the “starting” refs will be back on the field tonight for the first time this season. The replacement refs that have been filling in for the striking ones have heard no end of criticism for their job performance.

The final straw appears to have been the call that ended Monday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. To everyone watching it appeared to be an interception, yet the refs ruled it a touchdown; that’s a very big difference. What should have been a win for the Packers turned out to be a loss. Despite numerous protests, the league upheld the referees’ decision and chalked up the win to the Seahawks. However, three nights later, the replacements are gone.

I wonder what would have happened if the replacement refs had been allowed to work for four years, rather than three weeks. Would the majority of America be willing to give them another four years of ineptitude and botched calls? Yet this is the very decision they will be facing in little more than a month. The country has watched the current president stumble and mumble through one game after another, botch diplomacy and domestic issues, and spend money like a high school girl with her parents’ credit card, and yet there is still a large group of Americans who want him to keep his job. The same people who want the replacement refs gone as soon as possible don’t seem to have the same mentality when it comes to their president.

The obvious problem with this analogy is that President Obama is not a “replacement ref,” he is the “starting” one. What would have happened if the replacement officials turned out to be just as good, if not better, than the striking ones? It cannot be denied that they cost less money, and they were willing to work when the others weren’t. The replacements were expected to perform at a level where they had very little experience, yet—for the most part—they did the best they could despite this lack. They came under extreme scrutiny for a few questionable calls, but all things considered they didn’t do too bad. Their every move was being tracked by multiple camera angles and every decision being endlessly discussed by long-winded commentators. However, three weeks of regular season play was all America was willing to tolerate from them.

We have now had nearly four years of Obama. He makes the NFL’s replacement officials look spectacular by comparison. In fact, his tenure as president has completely changed the game. During his time, he has made bad call after bad call, and has sullied the United States’ reputation to such an extent that it will take years to repair the damage. He has taken “the mess” that he inherited and made it far more of one. Rather than begin to clean it up, he has made the rest of America look just like the mess. He has taken reckless abandon to dizzying new levels. He has awarded touchdowns to defensive backs and interceptions to wide receivers. He has called many very bad games, yet America is still considering renegotiating his contract. It is truly unbelievable.

It is time to send in the presidential replacements. They certainly can’t do a worse job than what the current ones are doing.