Report: Most Jobless People Spend Their Time Watching Video

When the government helps jobless people it doesn’t help them find work.


When we are forced to “invest” in people who aren’t working… what do they do with their time? In other words, what benefit does the nation receive for its “investment”?

The New York Times published an answer under the headline: “How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women.”

Watching television and movies is a significantly more common activity for the nonemployed than looking for work. For every one person whose main activity was job searching, there were almost six whose main activity was television and movie watching.

Well, that’s encouraging.

How about we end all government welfare, and put it back in the hands of friends, neighbors, and community organizations who will keep people accountable as they try to help them improve themselves, and find ways to actually benefit their fellow man?

No more bureaucrats with fat salaries and benefit packages—all volunteers, and people hired by involved donors to produce a positive result in the lives of people.

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We will always have a certain percentage of poor people among us, because some people’s prevailing sin is self-absorbed laziness. The absolute best thing we can do for these individuals is to allow them to feel the pain of their sin. “A worker’s appetite works for him; his mouth urges him on” (Proverbs 16:26).

The absolute worst thing you can do is facilitate sloth, and reward indolence. It harms both the community (who is robbed to enable the laziness), AND the person who is deprived of the joy and reward of finding a way to use his or her God-given talents and gifts to benefit neighbors.

(Please note this discussion centers on those who are more than capable of working—and providing for themselves and others—not those who are in some way authentically disabled, and who rightly deserve our compassion and assistance. By far the largest segment of those who receive government checks today are those who could use their gifts, talents, and sweat to create wealth, if they simply had sufficient motivation through both pain and rewards.)

Ahh, but if we allowed such people to support themselves rather than us supporting them, politicians couldn’t troll for votes by making people dependent. It’s a proven winner to entice people to vote for you by promising them the benefits of other people’s stolen labor and wealth.

The key part of the true definition of slavery is that you are not in control of the fruits of your labor. To the degree that the Federal Government forcefully takes your assets, and hands them to someone else, you are a slave.

Where are the modern William Wilberforce’s to tackle this form of oppression? Given the speech in Congress this week exalting the plunder of our wealth—a modern form of slave-trading—it looks like we have a long wait to find that hero.