The Reporter Who Showed Us the Face of the Beast in Eastern Ukraine Has Been Abducted

Please join me in praying for the safety and release of a fearless and real journalist, Simon Ostrovsky, who was reportedly taken hostage by pro-Russian forces in Eastern Kiev.

If you’ve seen his reports… the guy is amazing, and pretty much goes where exceedingly few would ever dare to go.

Here is his most recent report:

Note that Vice News is an international news entity, with a focus on New Media (Internet/non-traditional), and with a non-Western feel to a lot of what they do. As with any news, it’s strongly colored by the views and worldview of the reporter.

My own reflection is also that it tends to be very “personality-centric” with the reporter–though that’s not always a bad thing… I think Simon, for one, helps you step into the story he’s covering through the way he reports.

As with all news, you have to read between the lines, and to realize the reporter is showing you the story he or she wants you to see, and has likely omitted parts of the scene that don’t fit with their individual storyline.

Nevertheless, I think every Federal officer should watch this video. This is where it leads, when you use your weapons and badges to intimidate, and oppress the people who pay your wages.

There are no “clean” hands here, but when “the People” have finally had enough, it is like the breaking loose of a dam—the water flows wherever it will, and often great damage ensues.

Watch this. Feel it. Pray that the tyrants in DC (both R’s and D’s) get the message before it comes to this in America. No more Bundy Ranches. No more Wacos. No more Miami (Elian Gonzalez raid).

The government is here to serve us, not order us around like slaves or serfs.