Republican Senators Vote to Keep Obamacare

Republican Senators voted “for repeal” but refused to use the power of the purse, again.

From “ObamaCare Repeal Goes Nowhere in Senate.”

An ObamaCare repeal vote in the Senate that Ted Cruz predicted would be an “exercise in meaningless political theater” didn’t produce any surprises in a rare Sunday session yesterday. All 92 of the senators that showed up voted along party lines and the measure failed to reach the needed 60 votes, reports Politico, which notes that all 49 of the Republican senators present, including freshmen, can now say they’ve voted to repeal ObamaCare, even if some of them acknowledge that a full repeal and replace is unlikely.

The vote came as part of a session on a highway funding bill that has to pass by Friday to prevent bringing a halt to construction projects across the country, reports USA Today. While the move to add ObamaCare repeal to the funding bill was rejected, the Senate did approve an amendment to revive the Export-Import Bank…

What this means is that the Republican Senate and Congress is completely controlled by statist corruptocrats (often flattered in the media as “moderates”).

The story goes on to pretend that the Ex-Im Bank was only opposed by “conservatives.” No, it was opposed by both the left and the right but loved by corruptocrats in both parties.

The Republicans have revived this wretched piece of corporate welfare by attaching it to another piece of corruption, the Highway Funding Bill. And what have Republicans demanded in return for all these free gifts to the Obama Administration? Nothing. They will pretend they opposed Obamacare because of this sham vote, but they refused to put any real pressure on Obama to repeal it.

Voters gave the Senate and even more of the Congress to the Republicans, and the Republicans have given it back to Obama and the Democrats.