Republicans, Democrats, and the Big Lie

I understand why John Boehner or any Republican appears on shows like “This Week with George Snuffleupagus,” but watching it is just so frustrating. George Stephanopoulos continued to push for a “gotcha” quote. That was the premise of the whole interview. It wasn’t an interview; it never is. It was an interrogation or cross examination.

And I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to give John Boehner some credit. He had many opportunities to throw Ted Cruz under the bus and didn’t. He didn’t defend him, but he didn’t do publicly what we know they are doing behind closed doors: blaming Cruz and Mike Lee for every uncomfortable position those two have put moderate Republicans in.

The “interview” was, of course, centered on the dreaded “Shutdown.” Stephanopoulos had his Democrat talking points he stuck to, as did Boehner. Boehner could’ve told George that during the “Shutdown,” 83% of the government is still operating. I bet that would have given George some pause, but one has to wonder if Boehner even knows or cares.

If you listen you can always tell what or who Democrats fear the most. You can also surmise when the Democrats feel they are losing on an issue. When this happens, they simply change the subject.

And so it was during the interview with Boehner when George segued quickly from the shutdown to the “end of the world” looming Debt Ceiling deadline on October 17.

Again, as Snuffleupagus pushed him, Boehner dropped the ball. The Speaker stuck to his deadpan talking points of “we want to talk; meet with the president and the Democrats.” Boehner could’ve stepped up, but didn’t. I watched, continually asking, “Why doesn’t anyone tell the truth about the debt ceiling?”

The answer is that most Republicans, being progressives, want to increase the debt ceiling and like Obama, would just as well never have a fight over it. After all, Republicans and Democrats alike want the same thing – growth of government. The Republicans just can’t be honest enough to say so. In that respect, Republicans and Democrats are the same. They just want to be the ones who control the money.

So what’ the truth? It is that we will not default unless Obama commands it to be so. Tax receipts are more than sufficient to pay our debts, but it’s up to the president to decide what to pay and what not to pay. Yet not a single “conservative” analyst or politician will even suggest it.

All government obligations are on the table when dealing with the looming debt-ceiling deadline. There are no sacred cows. Unlike the current shut down, where certain entitlements must be paid, there are no such constraints this time and the president decides what will be paid.

And that’s the big lie! If the country defaults, it’s because Obama decided not to pay our debt obligations. It’s as simple as that.

If only this could be added to the Republican “talking points.”