Republicans Dismiss American Majority and Demand Administration Arm Ukrainians

From the Washington Times:

The White House has moved in recent weeks to beef up U.S. military support for NATO allies bordering Ukraine. But with fears mounting that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be keen to advance on eastern Ukraine, some are calling for the Obama administration to begin directly arming Ukrainian forces.

“The reason we heard from this administration they weren’t willing to provide arms is we thought it would create a provocation. Well, [Mr. Putin] doesn’t need provocation,” Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, said Tuesday.

Mr. Johnson, who traveled to Ukraine as part of a congressional delegation last month, said he could “sense the disappointment” among pro-Western leaders in Kiev that Washington “wasn’t even willing to offer small arms and ammunition to support the courageous people of Ukraine.”

Maybe Mr. Johnson should travel through his own district and ask the people trying to make a living if we need to be involved in a conflict with Russia over a nation on their border. The American people overwhelmingly oppose getting entangled in the Russian/Ukrainian dispute. Why are our representatives acting as if they are the representatives of people in Ukraine? We are the ones who pay the taxes and who voted for them. They should be concerned about us, not the people in a foreign country.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, told Mr. Kerry that the administration’s “lack of response” may be encouraging Mr. Putin to engineer a repeat of last month’s virtual annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula by fomenting unrest in the Russian-oriented cities of eastern Ukraine and then demanding that restless regions be allowed “autonomy” from Kiev.

“I want to know, and I think the American people should know, and maybe most importantly, the people of Ukraine should know, why won’t we give them some defensive weapons when they’re facing another invasion — not the first, but another invasion of their country?” Mr. McCain said.

“Most importantly the people of Ukraine should know”? Does Senator John McCain remember what country he is from? He is supposed to be speaking for the people of Arizona, not the people of a place on the other side of the planet.

It is incredible that the Republicans are so quick to take a stance that is against the will of most voters. Are they deliberately trying to become less popular?