“Republicans Won Big So They Need to Rebuild Their Brand”

The Republicans won but the media wants us to believe they are the losers.


I heard this just a little while ago on my car radio and ended up yelling at my dashboard. I don’t need to track down a specific source because the mainstream media has put out the message everywhere. You are hearing it over and over again.

Somehow, the fact that the GOP just overwhelmingly triumphed over Democrats means that the Republican Party is on trial to see if they can somehow win over the nation. Hello? They just did!

Yet the screechy preaching is endless. The Republicans must “work with” the Democrats and President Obama. From the sermonizing you would think that the Democrats were victorious and the Republicans just lost an election.

Back in 2006, when Democrats gained control of the House and Senate, did the media constantly moralize about how the new Democrat majority “must work with” Bush? Duh; no. That was never even considered. Quite sensibly the lecturing was all aimed at Bush to work with the Democrats.

But not this time.

Of course, the media gives us assurances that Obama is willing to “work with” Republicans… and then in the next breath tell us that he must break immigration law by executive order because Congress won’t do what he wants to change that law. Can anything be more shameless? The elected representatives of the people and the legislators of the United States according to the Constitution refuse to follow the will of the aspiring Dictator-in-Chief, and that is offered as a justification for an executive order that breaks the law!

That’s “working with” Republicans?

So basically Obama will work with Republicans whenever they are willing and able to do what he wants.

And yet, so far, the Republican winners have cooperated with this insane perspective. They are publicly acting like losers. And by doing so they are actually supporting the media’s pretentious deception.

The only nugget of truth in all this is that much can change in two years and this victory doesn’t guarantee a GOP victory in 2016.

That is true.

But something else is true.

There is nothing that a Republican Senate and House majority can do to get another John McCain or Mitt Romney elected to the Presidency by American voters. Perhaps I’m wrong if the Democrats damage their own brand enough, but I doubt it. It is not up to the Republicans now in office to try to make sure the populace wants a Republican President in 2016. Their influence will be quite small no matter how they do. Rather, the question of who becomes President will be mostly settled by which candidate wins (or “wins” depending on how much corruption is involved) the nomination.

The Republicans in Congress were voted into office to not be Democrats. That is the strategy they need to pursue.