Resourcefulness & Courage Made Up for Lack of Handgun

Two Houston car robbers (or three?) made three mistakes: they didn’t realize that all car trunks now have a glow-in-the dark emergency release inside of them, and they kept the man’s mobile phone which was like a homing beacon for the police.

But their main mistake was thinking that the car salesman, Jose Martinez, would become compliant just because they beat him up and pointed a gun at him.

Wrong salesman.

There are several versions of this story and I think the statements the newswoman makes about Martinez calling the police are inaccurate. I saw another video where he states that the robbers took his phone. According to KRON 4,

Two men arrived at the Gillman Chrysler dealership wanting to test drive a Dodge Challenger.

Once they were out on the road, they stopped the car, pulled out a gun, and shoved the salesman into the trunk.

A Houston police officer described what happened when the car came to a stop.

“He was able to open the trunk using the emergency latch,” Houston police Lt. Larry Crowson said. “The two suspects got out, tried to put him in the trunk. He didn’t feel like he wanted to go back in the trunk, got in a fight with them, was able to get the pistol away from one of the suspects, and shoot one of the suspects.”

The suspects took off and left the car salesman behind. He was found walking along the freeway.

The police tracked Martinez’s phone and chased the car. The robbers crashed and got away on foot.

Martinez is a role model. He should inspire all of us to face our trials with courage.

But his life would have been put at less risk if he had been armed. And that is the perverse evil behind Barack Obama’s recent executive orders. He doesn’t have the power to keep guns from those vicious car robbers–no more than previous presidents had the power to keep cocaine away from a younger Obama. But Obama can make it much harder for a law abiding worker like Martinez to arm himself for personal protection.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not too easy to get guns in this country; it is far too difficult. Guns and ammunition should be far cheaper and more available so that there are fewer unarmed people who are forced to rely on nothing but their hands and feet when dealing with an armed attacker.