Responsible Homeowner Stops Thief With A Shotgun

The house of Paul Cavazos and his girlfriend Heidi had been burglarized twice by the same thief, and it almost happened a third time. The thief’s latest attempt at stealing someone’s TV was caught on their security camera just outside their front door. In the footage, you can clearly see the burglar with a flat screen TV being quickly pursued by Paul bolting out his front door with a shotgun aimed right at the thief. The perpetrator compliantly places the TV down, and Paul is seen instructing the man to lie down on the grass to wait for the police to show up to haul him away. It turned out that this same thief had hit a couple other houses in the area, and the police had been looking for him.

Here’s the footage:

The police and the community should be thanking this responsible homeowner for taking control of the situation. And he didn’t have to fire one shot. No one even got hurt. Just having the gun pointed right at the guy was enough to make the criminal think twice about running off with the TV. Without his shotgun, the thief would have gotten away again.

This is pure common sense. If guns are outlawed, these types of criminals will take full advantage of the law and be able to commit more crimes.

Paul and his girlfriend probably won’t be joining “Citizens Against Senseless Violence,” a fake group created by Project Veritas that went around to prominent gun control advocates like the publishers at the Journal News and even Eric Holder’s house and asked if they would like a sign placed in their yard that read “This home is proudly gun-free!” Not surprisingly, these gun controllers didn’t think that was such a good idea. Some of them even noted that placing such a sign would be an invitation to criminals. You think? InfoWars continued:

 “While they’ve been quite vocal about ensuring that Americans give up their guns through reeducation, intimidation and policy, as you’ll see, [these gun control advocates] are not exactly receptive to the idea of letting everyone else in their neighborhood know how proud they are to be gun-free.”

 Here’s footage of “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” going door-to-door “campaigning” for gun-free homes: