Why You Should Rethink Iran: The Conservative Talking Points Aren’t Conservative

So, if you are following the news sources that Conservatives usually follow, and that I follow, you might get the idea that the current temporary “deal” with Iran is a horrible move. Obama is an appeaser and this is another Munich. Israel’s security is at stake. On and on we go.

Iran has an Islamic government that isn’t friendly toward Western values. Like most Islamic governments their official position is hostile to Israel; they support Hezbollah, which is a terrorist organization.

So we must stop making concessions to Iran and stand with our ally Israel.

And Saudi Arabia.


There are plenty of Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia who have spoken threats against Israel. They never get prominently quoted in the Western media. Saudi Arabia is an ally so we just regard the threats that come out of that country as empty words. Everything said in Iran is trumpeted as if it was the unified voice of the government.

Saudi Arabia is also different because it is a royal dynastic kingdom (yes, a key ally in our efforts to spread democracy in the Middle East, but that is a headache for another post). Iran, as a democracy, has politicians trying to appeal for votes who run their mouths more than the Saudi princes do. The Saudis leave the radical anti-Israel rhetoric to the clerics they support. But there is every bit as much hostility to Israel found in the Saud kingdom as is found in Iran. At least. Unlike Iran, Saudi Arabia has no Jewish minority living in the nation. According to Wikipedia,

Until March 1, 2004, the official government website stated that Jews were forbidden from entering the country. Prejudice against Jews is fairly high in the kingdom. While the webpage has been modified, no one who admits to be Jewish, on the visa paperwork or has an Israeli government stamp on his or her passport is allowed in the kingdom.

But Israel current government is practically allied with Saudi Arabia while it wants Iran to be sanctioned into submission or worse.

Likewise, while Iranian Islamic extremists do persecute Christians in some cases, the fact remains that the country has a real Christian presence with public Christian churches. In Saudi Arabia only a few visiting Christian foreigners are tolerated for the time they reside there.

Mentioning Christian persecution leads naturally into a discussion of terrorism. Saudi Arabia is a major terrorism sponsor (with US complicity) in supporting and arming the foreign fighters in Syria who rape, torture, kill, and sometimes eat Christians (or at least they have eaten hearts of enemy soldiers). Unlike the stories from Iran, these horrific massacres are rarely attributed to the Saudis.

As for Iran’s alleged desire for a nuclear weapon, this is just a baseless accusation that is repeated so often that it is taken seriously. Our own intelligence says they abandoned the quest in 2003. But let’s say they made a nuke, even though doing so would be detected month in advance. Israel has over three hundred nukes (as best as we can guess since they won’t admit they have them) including submarines that could destroy Iran even if they launched on Israel. And Israel wouldn’t wait long enough to Iran to attack. The reason Israel hasn’t launched a nuclear attack is that they know Iran has done nothing to deserve it. It would be mass murder to attack Iran, not national defense. The fact is, Iran has shown no interest in military attacks beyond its borders.

So why are we talking about Iran as if they were some real threat to Israel?

This post is not a comprehensive statement about how conservatives should think about Iran. That is not what I want to accomplish. What I want hope I have done is give you, the conservative reader, enough reason to make you want to go read Pat Buchanan on Iran, or Ron Paul, or The American Conservative Magazine and compare their arguments to what you’re hearing on both Fox News and on NPR.


Yes, NPR has been sounding like a latte-sipping version of Fox News on the subject of Iran. That by itself should make you want to make sure you’re on the right side of this issue.