It’s the Return of the Obama Show Fainter

President Obama heroically caught a fainting diabetic, pregnant woman yesterday during a speech about the problems with his health care law’s roll out.

At least that’s the media spin on it.

If you watch the video, Obama barely laid a finger on the woman, Karmel Allison, while the man behind her  does the actual catching. But it’s just like Obama to try to take the credit for someone else’s work.

Besides a bout of “he’s so caring” hero worship from the media, the incident raised hoots of derision in some corners, from people who know Obama’s campaign theatrics history.

Back when Obama was on the campaign trail in 2008 and The Man Who Would Be King was in full messiah mode, the  Dr. Barry’s Traveling Salvation Show saw a fainter a week, sometimes at nearly every event.

In the 2012 campaign, the schtick was dusted off for the run up to Term 2.

The trick was so contrived and so obvious that even the rah-rah New York Times commented on it.

The usual script involves someone, almost always a woman, standing near the podium suddenly collapsing. Obama interrupts his speech to show his concern for the person while other people escort the afflicted out of the event. He then assures the crowd that the fainter is all right and makes a joke about how he talks too long. Sometimes he’ll offer medical advice like admonishing his audience to remember to eat a sandwich if they’re going to be standing for a long time. Sometimes he offers his own water bottle to the ill person. He then returns to the relieved crowd, which is supposed to be impressed at how caring he is.

So longtime Obama watchers can be forgiven if they smelled a setup yesterday. In the video, Allison appears a bit woozy before she finally falls back, but some viewers have pointed out that the woman next to her appears to be taking instructions, then touches Allison’s back right before she faints.

Allison tweeted afterward about feeling dizzy, and she thanked Obama for catching her (even though he didn’t). If she was genuinely ill, then we should hope she feels better.

Liberal blogs are already incensed at any suggestion that the White House would have staged anything like a fainting woman at a press conference. (Dementors in Little Whinging? That’s impossible. …) But Obama watchers know better.

However, whether the faint was genuine or a campaign trick, the crowd of smiling supporters Obama surrounded himself with is still indicative of the friendly face he’s trying to put on his scheme to intrude in the life of every American and control their own personal decisions about their health.

The smile and the rhetoric cover the fact that more people under Obamacare are losing insurance than they did before the Affordable Care Act. And those who are replacing their health insurance are finding premiums that skyrocket in short order, often for worse coverage.

The backpedaling and excuses about the website that doesn’t work are just embarrassing and further proof of the Administration’s incompetence in everything it  does. Honestly, most high school kids could probably put together a better and more functional site than was cobbled together by so-called professionals to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, once the final bill comes in.

So maybe Obama needed to bring the old fainting woman trick off the shelf to give himself a couple of points in the weekly popularity poll.

Or maybe the lady just got a look at how much she’ll really have to pay under Obamacare.