Revisiting Partial Birth Abortion: “Everything we provide is fresh.”

The tenth Planned Parenthood sting video features a star witness against outlawing partial birth abortion and raises questions.

I have posted about the tenth video before but Live Action News provides some background that is worth considering. One part of that background involves partial birth abortion.

The video features Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She is asked if the organs they can provide will be “fresh.” She assures her questioner that Planned Parenthood has vast experience in providing fresh organs:

… Like, you know, they want cardiac, or they want eyes, or they want neural. People want spinal cords, so I mean, that sort of thing. Certainly, everything we provide–oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we provide is fresh.

With that quotation in mind, think back to 2004 after Congress had passed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The National Abortion Federation and others went to court to prevent the law from ever being enforced. Dr. Carolyn Westhoff was a witness against the enforcement of the law.

She was asked, under oath, why she didn’t chemically kill the baby before reaching in to pull it apart or otherwise kill the child.

Q. When you perform an intact D&E, Dr. Westhoff, is the fetus living when you commence vaginal delivery?

Although I don’t always check for it, I believe there is usually a heartbeat and that the fetus is living.

Q. And at the time you either cut the umbilical cord or collapse the skull, is the fetus living?


Q. Dr. Westhoff, do you make it a practice either to effect fetal demise by using potassium chloride, as we have heard about, or injecting a toxin into the amniotic sac prior to the time that you effect a surgical evacuation of the uterus?

No, Mr. Hut, I usually do not do so

Q. Why not?

The main reason that it is an additional procedure that does not offer any benefit to the woman that I am taking care of. The procedure itself is not trivial, it can be difficult to accomplish, can fail, and has some risks. Those are the main reasons I do not use this procedure.”

So now, in the fall of 2015, we have copious evidence that abortionists are making money by selling “fresh” organs from these babies. These organs would be useless if they died earlier or were poisoned. No one wants poisoned gonads!

Back in 2004, the courts had no knowledge of the for-profit industry in baby organs. Westhoff was never questioned about the incentive she had for doing abortions in as painful a way as possible for the child.

Killing a child is wrong no matter how you do it. But the cover-up of the real incentives at work to induce an abortionist to choose a more painful experience for the baby needs to be revealed.