Rick Perry Puts Out Most Brilliant Political Ad Ever

Why do I think Rick Perry has done brilliant work in response to the charges brought against him? Let’s think about it.

Advertising costs money. The only exception is the occasional viral video or link, but you can’t just make something go viral. You end up paying someone to produce clickbait every day and hope that something works. Again, that costs money.

The best advertising isn’t only something that spreads for free. The best advertising actually generates revenue for you.

The Democrat extremists in Texas have handed Rick Perry a golden opportunity. He, or an advisor, has seen the chance and is taking full advantage of it.

Prosecuting Rick Perry on trumped up charges that are so ridiculous that even liberals defend him was a bonanza for Rick Perry. It put his face in the news cycle again. That’s called free PR.

I realize Rush Limbaugh has been saying that Perry will forever be hurt by this, because now the press can put “indicted” next to his name, but I respectfully disagree. Liberals are embarrassed by it and conservatives are enraged. This helps him far more than it hurts.

But, as I wrote above, Rick Perry is getting far more than free publicity. He is now responding to his circumstances in ways that raise funds. He is selling a T-shirt with his mug shot emblazoned on it.

rick perry mug shot t shirt

As the Washington Post reports,

Rick Perry’s Super PAC is now selling $25 t-shirts with his mugshot on the front.

“Wanted for securing the border and defeating Democrats,” the front of the shirt reads.

On the back is the mugshot of Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County District Attorney that Perry asked to step down after she was arrested and accused of drunk driving in 2013. 

Perry is not my first choice for a Republican nominee in 2016, but this was a brilliant strategy to take a sleazy, abusive, Democrat attack and turn it into a revenue source.

I believe the people who did this atrocious attack will eventually regret their actions. They will realize they helped Perry’s campaign and provided him with a new way to raise funds.