The Right is Exploiting Our Children!

Remember a few months back when an 8-year-old boy from Maryland nibbled a Pop Tart into the shape of a pistol and then shot an Australian jogger in the back because he was bored?

Oh that’s right — a Pop Tart is a yummy treat, not a weapon and could never be a weapon. I’m sorry. I got my “gun violence” stories mixed up.

Anyway, the eight-year-old Maryland boy was suspended from school. Then, if you recall, he was invited to a GOP fundraiser where he was presented with an NRA lifetime membership.

The Daily Kos, in a May 2013 article entitled, “NRA and GOP Team up to Exploit Eight-Year-Old Boy,” described it thusly: “Oh, how cute. How droll. How… Disgusting.”

Man, I hate to do this, but I agree with the Daily Kos. That one hurt. I think it is the first time and hope it to be the last. Oh well.

Although the kid did give the NRA membership to his parents, the GOP would’ve been better served by simply leaving the kid out of it.

In July of 2012, lefty blog News Corpse wrote that Brian Kilmeade of the Fox morning show had on two little girls that started their own lemonade stand. Kilmeade was evidently exploiting the two girls by asking them how they felt about Obama insisting that businesses “didn’t build that.” The seven-year-old answered rather cogently that their parents,’ friends and family had invested and helped in their venture but they thought it “rude” for the president to say such a thing.

A News Corpse blogger wrote: “When an alleged ‘news’ network asks a seven-year-old about the political implications of a presidential speech, you know they are either reaching in desperation for a new angle from which to attack a political foe, or they are conceding that their audience isn’t capable of understanding anything above the level of the child.”

So the left insists that using children to advance a political agenda is “disgusting” and “desperate.”

I wonder how they would feel about a 12-year-old little girl being used as a tool for a political action fund raising scheme.

Well, logically one would think, demonstrated by the above adamant arguments, that they would be “disgusted” by it; right? We must, however, remember that logic and the left are like oil and water.

A while back I signed up to receive e-mail alerts from Yep — you read that right. It’s sometimes handy to know what they’re up to.

Today I received an alert that 12-year-old little Madison needs help raising $120,000 to fight against a new radical voter ID law just signed by the governor of North Carolina. The new law requires ID to vote (gasp), reduces early voting (gasp, gasp) and ends same-day registration. Oh the horror! It also ends pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds. Wow! I wasn’t aware that provision even existed. Get ’em early I guess.

No wonder the 12-Year-Old is so upset!

The alert claimed that little Madison has demanded a meeting with the Governor. The 120 grand will also pay for protesters, billboards, ads and a flyover by MoveOn’s “99% airplane” which will “speak truth to power.”

I think I may vomit.

I have no doubt little Madison came up with this scheme on her own and doesn’t have radical Marxist parents that have already brainwashed in the ways of the radical left.

So the moral of the story is: children of conservatives cannot speak out against the collective. They cannot possibly have any understanding of conservatism or free markets. They are all victims of exploitation.

However, children of the left are much more advanced and can therefore become activists, but only for the correct cause.

That sounds about right — or left.