Riots Are a Choice! Comparing St. Louis to Beavercreek, Ohio

So here is a young African American man who was gunned down by police. Police say they acted appropriately and rationally. Others contend that it makes no sense. It looks like John Crawford scared someone because he wanted to buy an air rifle. His wife was on the phone with him when he was shot and insists the police story cannot be true. His parents want the store video of the incident to be handed over because they are certain it will vindicate their son. As WCPO reports,

Crawford’s father, mother, other family members and family friends held a press conference Monday to speak on the incident.

John Crawford II said his son was an only child, a high school graduate and an active father of two sons. Crawford’s father described him as a loving son and grandson and the “typical 22-year-old.”

He said his son was not a monster, and that there is no doubt in his mind that his son will be vindicated.

The family is asking the community for support, and asked for everyone to withhold judgment until the investigation is complete.

State and local authorities are probing the incident.

In Ferguson, St. Louis, police also shot and killed an African American young man. Like in Beavercreek, Ohio, his parents also believe he was wrongly killed and are pursuing justice. Unlike anything I have heard about Beavercreek or the greater Dayton region, St Louis mobs erupted in arson, vandalism, and looting.

So you have questionable police shootings in both cases, and young African American males in both cases. You have parents denying the official stories of the police. Yet one place explodes in violence against people who had nothing to do with the police action and another that remains calm?

What is going on?

I suspect the answer will be related to the kind of education and politics that dominates the two different locations. Does St Louis have more “community activists” than Beavercreek, Ohio? Seems likely. Somehow the character of the people has been shaped differently.

The other difference is that Eric Holder’s Justice Department is reviewing the St. Louis shooting and threatening to investigate. As far as I can tell, Beavercreek, Ohio doesn’t really matter to the Feds. I guess when people riot they deserve to be rewarded, as far as the Department of Justice is concerned.