RNC Punishes the National Review for Attacking Donald Trump

You have probably heard of The National Review’s issue devoted to attacking Donald Trump. Even if you are in favor of attacking Trump, the National Review has a history of attacking Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, and others. And we all know they would have happily ordered us to support Jeb Bush.

The Republican National Committee has “disinvited” the National Review from the next debate.  Politico reports,

National Review agreed to partner with NBC for the Republican debate scheduled for Feb. 26 in Houston, Texas. Shortly after, the partnership for the pre-Super Tuesday debate was suspended and the RNC selected CNN as its replacement, according to Fowler’s report.

The debate was rescheduled for Feb. 25 and set to feature National Review alongside Salem Radio and Telemundo as partners.

I suppose this makes sense since National Review could hardly claim to be neutral.

The real question is why NR was ever invited to have a role in the debate.

Andrea Tantaros writes at Fox News,

Publications like National Review, run by elite “conservatives” have given us George W. Bush and his wars, “No Child Left Behind,” Medicare Part D, huge deficits caused by Republican consultants spending to woo select voters, Mitt “Romneycare” Romney, John McCain…the list goes on and on.

William F. Buckley, who founded National Review, used the magazine to publish a stellar series of essays by conservative intellectuals who helped foster the Reagan Revolution.

Since then, “movement conservatism” has not been a powerful enough force to make things better for the working classes in the country.

Tantaros also points out that the NR staff were completely blind to the rise of Trump. They don’t understand why Trump is popular and they have no business trying to critique him.

But Trump himself has responded via Twitter.

By the way, it wasn’t that long ago that NR published a defense of same-sex “marriage.” They are not the referees of conservatism.