Roaches Scatter: BCFS Refuses Deal on Palm Aire Resort for Illegals

Yowza! Shine the light, and the roaches run for cover!!

Recapping: Baptist Child & Family Services were going to pay $3.8-mill for a property valued at just over $1.9-mill on the Hidalgo County, TX property records site, and the agent for the sellers was a big donor to a Democrat running for U.S. House in the district, and for another investment group with State Department contracts.

From KRGV: “BCFS Walks Away from Palm Aire Hotel Project.”

BCFS Health and Human Services on Wednesday withdrew a proposal to turn a Weslaco hotel into a facility for young illegal immigrants.

A media release from the group of non-profit agencies cited “negative backlash caused by information misreported to the public” as the reason for walking away from the project.

BCFS last week submitted a request for a conditional use permit to relocate its facility from Harlingen to Weslaco. The agency had agreed to use $3.8 million in non-government funds to buy the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites on FM 1015.

What do you want to bet that chasing those leads would have led to some “uncomfortable” connections for certain Democrats in DC, or perhaps those with eyes on a run in 2014 or 2016?

Now they’ll just go waste the planned $50-million somewhere else, no doubt.

P.S. I documented all of the above information for a group of friends earlier yesterday (today, as I am writing this, but it won’t post until the 16th). Mark Horne wrote up my first findings. The only piece I got this afternoon from Fox was the number for the purchase of the “resort” itself (note the headline has changed since I saw it). Hopefully someone else was churning some of the same information, and will continue to follow up.