Robert Gates Says Assad Is Winning; Christian Conservatives Say “Good!”

Hot Air quotes the ever-hawkish National Review:

The Obama administration’s handling of the situation in Syria “one of the sad stories of the president’s foreign policy,” according to former secretary of defense Robert Gates.

“I think last fall was a real low point where we went in the space of a week from saying ‘Assad must go’ to ‘Assad must stay’ in order to fulfill the agreement sponsored by Putin to get rid of the chemical weapons that Assad had used against his own people,” he said on Face the Nation. “If ‘winning’ means remaining as president of Syria, I think [Assad] is winning.”

Gates said there may have been an opportunity for the United States and others to oust Assad early in the conflict, but now sees it as too difficult to really change the situation in the country.

Robert Gates is delusional.

He pretends we know for a fact that Assad was behind the chemical attack when in fact we know nothing of the kind. He says that the fourteen hundred deaths from the chemical attack are distracting us from the 150,000 killed by conventional means.

And, of course, Gates ignores the many more thousands of Christians and other religious minorities who have been tortured, raped, beheaded, and killed by other means at the hands of jihadist mercenaries using arms from us or from our allies. This is all on us—or rather on our anti-Christian, out-of-control government. We have given Al Qaeda territory they never would have acquired if we had not worked hard at destabilizing the Assad regime.

It is true that the Administration tried to commit the country to “limited” strikes in Syria on the pretense that we had total proof that Assad had gassed his own people. But the American people, having enough with Iraq and Afghanistan, wanted nothing to do with such a move. For once, the Administration backed down!

Now Gates is trying to do a Jedi mind trick. Because he knows conservatives hate Barack Obama, he wants us to assume an unprovoked attack on the Syrian people must be OK because Barack Obama didn’t approve of it.

Barack Obama is dreadful; but opposing him on a particular issue doesn’t mean you are beyond the possibility of error. The consequences Syria is facing now are not the consequences of Barack Obama refusing to do “enough.” They are the consequences of us taking sides and opposing Bashar al-Assad. The people we are supporting are committing massacres that are as bad or worse than anything he has done.