Robert Gates Wants Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals as Adult Supervisors

Homosexual men leading the Boy Scouts should work as well as giving Robert Gates authority over a government agency.

We should give Robert Gates a new title: Secretary of Surrender.

Fresh from overseeing a grand social experiment at the CIA, and another which has devastated morale—and led huge numbers of top officers to retire—in the United States Military, Robert Gates now seeks to preside over the demise of yet another historic social institution in America: The Boy Scouts.

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From the Associated Press: “Boy Scouts’ leader says ban on gay adults not sustainable.”

The national president of the Boy Scouts, Robert Gates, says the organization’s longstanding ban on participation by openly gay adults is no longer sustainable and is urging change in order to avert potentially destructive legal battles.

In a speech Thursday in Atlanta to the Scouts’ national annual meeting, Gates referred to recent moves by Scout councils in New York City and elsewhere to defy the ban.

“The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” said Gates, a former U.S. secretary of defense.

“Not sustainable?” I’ll tell you what’s not sustainable (i.e., without ability to continue, absent assistance from those who adhere to natural physical and sexual relations): Homosexuality.

Growing up, I lived across the street from a man who was very involved in the Boy Scouts. Yes, he was so dedicated and involved that he would “bring work home” with him. Oh, he loved it when young boy scouts would come and spend the night with him (Yes, I know for a fact it wasn’t all innocent “mentoring” going on inside). The man was a sexual predator, and the Boy Scouts was a dandy place to identify and groom his conquests.

I’m sorry, I wouldn’t send my girls to any organization where they would have copious amounts of unsupervised time—including camp-outs, etc.—with a male leader with a natural sexual preference for young women, and this is simply a prescription for a renewed disaster.

In May of 2014—just one year ago—Gates promised in Nashville he would not re-open this issue during his two-year term as Boy Scout president, but like so many others of his ilk… he demonstrably lied. Yeah, that’s what we need in the leader of an organization dedicated to building character in young men!!

R.I.P., Boy Scouts of America.

The Secretary of Surrender to Sodomy has struck again.