Ron Paul on the Ebola Scam: $1.4 billion

The Ebola scam meant over a billion dollars in spending. What was that money used to do? How did it help?

If you have ten minutes, you might find Ron Paul’s review of what happened with American intervention in the Ebola crisis quite enlightening.

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If you don’t have time, I can give you the punch line from the text accompanying the video:

Remember last year’s panic about Ebola? USAID spent $1.4 billion constructing treatment centers in Africa but nine out of the 11 centers did not treat a single patient. The locals using hygienic products and traditional methods solved the crisis before the US top-down approach. But plenty of contractors did very well in this boondoggle!

Those treatment centers served a total of 28 patients.

Helping people in need is a way to spend, and for some people to make, a lot of money. Compare the government’s wastefulness to the success of the private sector!