We Are Ruled By Sleazebags, But You Didn’t Need An Actress To Tell You That

Still, it is interesting to get confirmation.

According to Robin Wright on the Washington Post website, “D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood…”

Robin Wright, as you may or may not know, plays in the Netflix soap opera, “House of Cards.” She went to Washington, DC to do research on the part she was playing as the wife of a Democrat, the House Majority Whip. She came away convinced that the sleazy show she is starring in is no worse than the reality. She seemed especially affected by learning that government sources and media reporters who get stories from them are sometimes actually having sexual liaisons. She got the idea that it is pretty commonplace. She actually thinks there is more infidelity in Washington DC than in Hollywood.

Is anyone surprised? I doubt it.

But I find it rather interesting that Wright’s words were revealed in the news one day after Peggy Noonan’s amazing column.

The starting point in Noonan’s essay also involves the “House of Cards” show. She is amazed that real politicians are willing to link their own reputations to the show.

Watching Season 2 of “House of Cards.” Not to be a scold or humorless, but do Washington politicians understand how they make themselves look when they embrace the show and become part of its promotion by spouting its famous lines? Congressmen only work three days a week. Each shot must have taken two hours or so—the setup, the crew, the rehearsal, the learning the line. How do they have time for that? Why do they think it’s good for them?

“House of Cards” very famously does nothing to enhance Washington’s reputation. It reinforces the idea that the capital has no room for clean people. The earnest, the diligent, the idealistic, they have no place there. Why would powerful members of Congress align themselves with this message? Why do they become part of it? I guess they think they’re showing they’re in on the joke and hip to the culture. I guess they think they’re impressing people with their surprising groovelocity.

Or maybe they’re just stupid.

Noonan votes for the “stupid” option. She thinks that politicians are foolish enough to believe that they are being clever when in fact they are simply advertising their own real corruption and evil. Our elites are treating the corruption as a joke—a group that “not only includes but is almost limited to our political class, Wall Street, and the media, from Hollywood to the news divisions.”

Her conclusion took my breath away. She hints that— Well, you tell me what she is hinting:

They’re making their videos, holding their parties and having a ball. OK. But imagine you’re a Citizen at Home just grinding through—trying to do it all, the job, the parenthood, the mowing the lawn and paying the taxes. No glamour, all responsibility and effort. And you see these little clips on the Net where the wealthy sing about how great taxpayer bailouts are and you feel like . . . they’re laughing at you.

What happens to a nation whose elites laugh at its citizens?

What happens to its elites?

My hope and prayer is that we get new elites, and that there is no longer as much need for a political class, per se.

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