Ruling Class Unhappy with Signs of Federal Reserve Police State

People who pay primo amounts of money for an expensive neighborhood believe they are paying to be undisturbed. This is especially true if they are paying for high-end real estate in Washington DC.

So Janet Yellen’s neighbors are quite displeased that she is spoiling their dream.

From the Daily Caller: “Janet Yellen’s Security Detail Infuriates Gated Community.”

Hillandale, a gated community in Georgetown where house prices exceed $3 million, has always prided itself on its picturesque neighborhood. The community is governed by a 50 page rulebook banning fences, motorcycles, certain house colors, and excess dogs and cats. Resident Sallie Forman said “People come to live in Hillandale because of the quality of our residential community.”

That is now being threatened with the arrival of Yellen. According to neighbors, her security detail regularly speeds through the streets and has established an “armed camp” in front of her home. “We have this group, overweight, wearing the most ridiculous blue uniforms with the most ridiculous blue caps, and they have guns that are visible,” complained an anonymous neighbor.

Quakers are one of the groups most upset by the takeover of the neighborhood. The armed and uniformed police presence is “uncomfortable for residents of various religious persuasions” says one neighbor.

I have no sympathy for these people. Middle class and poor people have to deal with police presence all the time. The militarized police are obvious all over the country. Why should these people get anything better?

And, yo, Quakers: you live in the capital city of a nuclear-armed world power. If you’ve made your peace when you probably make a living working for a government that is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, you should be able to endure the sight of a few handguns.

Besides, there is almost a hundred-percent chance these people are liberals, based on where they live and what they probably do for a living (government jobs). So these are the people who mostly believe in gun control and who want us all to be disarmed and rely on police protection. If they are now offended by the sight of guns, or upset the police are not doing what they want, then they are getting a small taste of what most people experience when they rely on the police.

Serves them right.

If you want to live in the beast’s den you can learn to deal with a few teeth or claws.