Who Is Running the Fake Cell Towers?

Recently, people have admitted to the mysterious existence of fake cell towers. As VentureBeat reports,

Mysterious “interceptor” cell towers in the USA are grabbing phone calls — but they’re not part of the phone networks. And, two experts told VentureBeat today, the towers don’t appear to be projects of the National Security Agency (NSA).

The towers were revealed by Les Goldsmith to Popular Science last week. He’s CEO of ESD America, which builds the super-secure Cryptophone 500 for clients that need the military-grade security and can handle the phone’s estimated $3,500 price tag.

In the course of testing the phone, Goldsmith’s team discovered the existence of phone cell towers that intercept a call and hand it off to the real network — allowing the tower to listen in or load spyware to the mobile device.

So who is running these towers? No one seems to know (or to admit that they are doing it). The NSA has been discounted by most people because they don’t need fake towers; they have pretty well hacked the real ones, sadly.

But once you realize that these “towers” don’t have to be real towers, certain possibilities open up. If these “towers” are simply devices attached to a laptop, then the most obvious suspects are the police. As I have posted before, the Feds loan the police sophisticated spy equipment and then get the police to make sure they don’t admit to using it.

One of those pieces of tech is known as “Stingray.” It is supposed to be able to get phone information from a suspect without needing to get permission from the phone carrier. Harris Corporation has a secrecy requirement built into its license for Stingray with the Federal Communications Commission. Local police are required to “coordinate” with the FBI in order to keep Stingray out of the court documents. The federal involvement nullifies local open record laws.

So the most likely explanation for the “towers” is that police are using Stingray or something similar.

Yeah, this is the country our forefathers fought the British for.