Russia Not Tolerating Pansexual Left

Not sure how I feel about this as someone born and raised in the First-Amendment protected United States, but the Moscow district of Russia is considering taking a stand against the New World Order. Russia Today reports that, following the example of the St. Petersburg legislature, which banned “gay propaganda toward minors,” the Moscow Region is crafting a law aimed at banning “the promotion of all ‘non-traditional’ sexual relationships.”

“Unlike St. Petersburg that outlawed the propaganda of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender among minors, Moscow Region plans to ban the propaganda of any non-traditional sexual relationship, without listing them as these are ‘beyond any count,’ Izvestia daily reported quoting a member of the regional Council of Municipal Assemblies, Aleksandr Naumov… Regional legislators also suggest breaking the future law would be considered by magistrates and punished by fines of up to 5000 roubles (about $170) for private persons and up to 250,000 roubles (over $800) in case of first-time offence. For the repeated offences the fines are doubled. The current draft suggests the formula of non-traditional sexual relations that are described as ‘homosexuality, bisexuality, sadomasochism and other deviations of sexual behavior.’ Propaganda is described as ‘popularization of non-traditional relations and presenting them as a norm.’”

However, the legislature is planning some changes that they believe are needed and will bring the wording into conformity to international law. The Moscow Region does not include the government of the city of Moscow itself.

So what should we think of this? Libertarians are going to object in the name of freedom. The problem is I don’t see much “freedom” on offer. Some libertarians, far from simply claiming all voluntary activities that don’t aggress against others should be legal, demand that everyone be “tolerant” and promote redefining marriage.

More importantly, in Western Democracies, we are seeing hate speech codes, censorship, and the enforcement of all sorts of immoral behavior. If Obama is going to force Hobby Lobby to support abortifacients, then it might be understandable if Russia decides it isn’t interested in the Western idea of “freedom.” In Canada, it is not uncommon to hear of pastors arrested for preaching what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. It has happened in the UK and other places as well.

In fact, Russia itself seems to have learned that being tolerant means opening the floodgates to torrents of advocacy. When communism fell they cancelled penalties for homosexuality, but since then have felt inundated. World over, it seems that simply getting rid of anti-sodomy laws is not enough for homosexuals and their allies. Allowing homosexual practice freedom also has meant allowing the freedom to lobby for the redefinition of marriage, for adoption rights, and for access to the education curriculum in a nation’s schools.

For what it is worth, this really destroys libertarianism. Libertarians are supposed to believe that not all immoral activities should be criminal. They want to remove legislation that controls or restrains consenting adults from activities that are only between consenting adults. But what we see is a movement to say that anything not criminal must, in fact, be moral. I may not be comfortable with the what the Moscow region is doing, but I can understand how they could decide that the promise of Western freedoms is really a lie to cover for a coercive pansexual regime.