Russia Pushing All Obama’s Buttons

It was one of those head-shaking moments, darn near historic in the stupidity it represented at the top levels of the Obama Administration.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, finally admitted in congressional testimony this week that Russia had lied about the presence of its troops in Ukraine.

“The question asked earlier,” he said, “about … how they present things and the lies about their presence in Ukraine and the training, I mean, you know, it’s stunning but it has an impact in places where it isn’t countered. Propaganda works.”

Wait. … What?

For the past year or more, there has been ample evidence from the news media of Russian troops on the ground in Ukraine, and surely the nation’s and world’s intelligence agencies must have reams of files on this subject.

So how is it that the secretary of state just now sounded like he was admitting that Russian propaganda worked on him and he had believed previously that there were no Russian troops in the country?

resetButtonThe answer can be found in the simple recognition of the fact that Obama’s State Department has always been one long-running amateur hour, starting with that stupid “reset” button.

You remember that, right?

Back in 2009, Obama and Hillary Clinton were so obsessed with the alleged deterioration in America’s reputation, that they splurged on a plastic button to give the Russian ambassador. But instead of saying “reset,” it said “overcharge.”

It’s been like that ever since.

As much as Obama and his flying monkey minions are, ahem, “liked” over here in the U.S., Obama and Company are just seen as fools in Russia.

I know. Hard to believe.

In the recent Army Day parade, Russians made it pretty clear that Obama isn’t welcome, with a full-size missile painted strategic green, sporting a Communist hammer and sickle, and bearing the slogan “To be personally delivered to Obama.”

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?