Russia about to Send Europe into Chaos?

The interest of Russia in Ukraine and the Baltic States, along with Greece’s financial crisis, could send the EU spiraling downward.

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Only the eldest among us have lived in a time when the dangers were so palpably high. My generation, and those younger, live with a sense that major world conflicts are but a foggy memory of the distant past. Such things don’t happen anymore.

That is a dangerous assumption.

Reports out of Russia are very troubling, as the Putin administration is clamping down even more on “foreign” journalists who would dare to publish “extremist” information. Examples of such information: Reporting on Russian troop movements across the border into Ukraine, or interviewing a Russian mother whose son was killed while fighting with a Russian unit inside Ukrainian borders.

Any journalist violating such policies is now subject to losing his right to report, and potentially being banished from the country.

In the meantime—and conveniently for Mr. Putin—movements are springing up in other former Soviet states (Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania) where Russian-speaking groups are allegedly uniting to seek Russian assistance to protect them from “oppression” by their governments—exactly what supposedly occurred prior to the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine.

You can see much of this in a recent report from the U.K.’s Independent: “‘Russia’s growing threat’: After Ukraine, fears grow that Baltic states could be Vladimir Putin’s next targets.”

The West must stand up to Russia over Ukraine or Europe could descend into a major war for the first time since 1945, diplomats warned today as efforts to negotiate peace hung by a thread.

As the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, prepared to brief Barack Obama in Washington on Monday about the state of the negotiations, a former US ambassador to Ukraine predicted that Estonia and the other Baltic states – all members of Nato – could be Vladimir Putin’s next targets if he is allowed to hold on to territory won by force.

Couple this with Europe’s current travails with Greece over the Euro and European Union, and you face a continent on the edge of chaos—a chaos which could destroy Western banks (particularly in America) who have foolishly placed large bets in the derivatives markets.

It’s a good thing Republicans and Democrats gave those banks taxpayer backing for their insane “investments” in the CROmnibus passed late in 2014—thanks to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner!! When this all goes down, some of us will remember who destroyed us. Lucky for you, most Americans are blissfully clueless, or you might be hanging from lampposts in DC, along with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of your fellow traitors to the Republic.