Russia against the Sex Pervert Nation

Our bureaucracies have quietly turned us into the sex pervert nation of the world.

Sometimes I see news stories that seem so far-fetched I think I must be reading dystopian science fiction. But, no; it is real news.

I’ve already written on how the U.S. State Department is insisting on imposing homosexual marriage on all the nations of the world by forcing them to change their customs and laws to accommodate homosexual “marriages” (as they pretend to be) among State Department employees stationed abroad. Essentially, all tax payers are being roped into pushing perversion across the planet.

As bizarre as it is, there are other ways to force other cultures and nations to accept homosexual marriage ethics. According to the New American,

When you send your son overseas through an exchange program for cultural enrichment, you don’t expect him to be adopted by a homosexual couple and never return home. But that’s exactly what is happening in the case of one Russian boy who was visiting the U.S. — over the protests of his own mother. 

So far, the only story coming out about this event is the one that has the Russian government horrified.

Not surprisingly, the 17-year-old boy’s attorney, Susan Reed of the left-wing Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, claimed that the Russians were “mischaracterizing” the situation. She refused to elaborate, however.

Why not? Why can’t she or someone else explain how it is legal for a teen dependent to be taken from his parents and given to another, whether or not that other couple is a homosexual “couple”?

As the Daily Mail reports,

The state-run Tass news agency said Russian diplomats had visited the boy, and found that the 17-year-old was ‘seduced’ by ‘a pair of old homosexuals at church, former military men who had already adopted two American boys, and they offered to become his sponsor and even pay for his studies at Harvard University’.

It was at this point that the boy handed himself over to immigration authorities, seeking asylum.

The student had been due to return to Russia in the Spring of this year, but the country’s authorities only made the case public this week. 

Russia’s children’s commissioner Pavel Astakhov said: ‘A child, who has a mother in Russia, has illegally been placed under guardianship, and the boy has been handed over to a U.S. gay couple.

‘The child hails from a decent family and is healthy so it’s unclear what arguments those in the United States have been guided by.’

Someone else’s minor child does not have standing to seek asylum. Someone needs to explain the facts and the legal principles behind this case.

The boy came to the U.S. as part of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program, which sponsors high school students in former soviet countries to come to the U.S. to go to school. The Russian Government has now terminated the FLEX program. The only response from the U.S. Ambassador to Russia was:

We deeply regret this decision by the Russian government to end a program that for 21 years has built deep and strong connections between the people of Russia and the United States.

If the program was so great, then why abuse it? Why use it to break up a Russian family? Why nullify a parent’s rights? There was no way the Russian government could allow such a source of abuse to continue if they perceived it to be a conduit for juvenile homosexual recruitment, or even a tool for breaking up families.

Consider for a moment the great lengths to which the President and others will go to not offend Muslims or stereotype Islam. Even if homosexuality were not the sin that it is, and homosexual marriage not the pretense that it is, would it still make sense to cause such offense to a foreign culture over the issue?

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We are occupied by a clique of homosexual extremists in our governments (Federal and often state). This never should have happened.